Giant Footprint.

Dear Ant Series 3...White clouds stained the blue sky in patches. The grasses spread out beautifully on the field like a green mat.

They are relatively dry but fresh. "The day is bright but not fair. " Zuque said sorrowfully. Zuque had gone a few meters away to carry food. He came back only to find the hill the team spent the last month building depressed to the ground level. Last year, they experienced this when they tried building the hill close to the human walkway.

They had sat together to devise a way forward. They could not blame humans because somehow they were intruding. They decided to find a new site at the center of the lawn. They had lived on the hill for barely a month, and it had been depressing. Ants ran helter scatter as they found their way out of the mess. Others went to revive the ants that had been flattened. The soldiers had gone to ensure the safety of the Queen. Zuque watched in great sorrow.

The Queen was safe. Onton, the tribe publisher, could not make it. The rest had sustained injuries. They had to migrate quickly to the closest shadow for safety before they re-strategize. Zuque carried one antling with his mandible as they began their journey, leaving the investigators behind. "Nothing was indeed fair in life, as long as the life has to do with humans," Zuque murmured in his heart.

The investigators met them under the shadow after a while. They had already arranged themselves in camps. The investigators said they traced a pattern on the hill depression; it was a giant footprint.

The End.


Elechi O.

18 Sept. '22.

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