God Sees All

If for example, you find yourself in a position of authority don't be surprised if you receive advice to seek 'protection' against human and spiritual enemies by arming yourself with some "juju" I.e charms like talisman and amulet or joining a secret society. Such advice may be coming from friends and loved ones out of deep love for us and a desire for our safety.

But because it is dangerous to allow our ailing situations to compel us to focus more on what our enemy is doing rather than on what the Lord is doing. As such, we must refuse such advice bluntly. We must never run helter-skelter in search of a solution when faced with any challenge(s). Rather, we are to trust in and count on our God because NOTHING is hidden from His eyes. The Lord sees and knows all the activities of both the righteous and the wicked.

*Note:* God intends that through trials, our character should be enriched to become more like Christ. *So What Should We Do?* We must be rooted in God's word and know God deeply if we are to be victorious over the trials and storms of life. King David is deeply aware of this, hence his unshaken faith in God - Psa 11:4. 

Conclusively, in the face of diverse challenges in our societies today, let us borrow from king David his unwavering faith in God. *Prayer:* O Lord, may every test or challenge be an opportunity for me to grow in faith 🙏. 


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