*god's Anger On Christmas Day!!!*

This year is almost rolling away, and many people are planning and laboring on how to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is generally celebrated to mark the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, but many celebrate it without knowledge of why they celebrate Jesus born- Matthew 1:21 Unfortunately, while many are celebrating the savior, they reject it by way of their lifestyle and God is angry with them.

Do you kill to get money to celebrate Christmas? You must know that God is angry with you - No matter the huge amount you spend on Christmas celebration. Are you a fornicator? You are even preparing to fornicate more on Christmas; you are already buying a naked dress to make you look sexier and more inviting. Know now that God is angry with you.

You dare celebrate the birth of the righteous one with all kinds of immorality, smoking, armed robbery, pornography, occultism, alcoholism, drug addiction, idol worship, charms, witchcraft, raping, and evil possession. It is so amazing to see native doctors, prostitutes, fraudsters, assassins, and armed robbers preparing seriously for Christmas.

Can you celebrate your earthly father's birthday with what he hates? So why are you doing it to your creator and savior? You went to church to rob God's people just to celebrate Christmas; God is angry with you. You that took a bribe to buy goat, chicken, and rice to celebrate Christmas must know that you will be celebrating under God's anger. Why must you go for Christmas watch-night service to look for someone to defile? God is unhappy to see couples divorce due to financial bankruptcy to celebrate Christmas. Only God can know how many young girls will get pregnant and commit abortions after the Christmas celebration. Why will a child or ward be stubborn and disobedient to parent/ guardian because they were unable to provide for Christmas?

Many of us have celebrated Christmas for years without the life of Christ. Let me ask you, where are you going to spend this Christmas? Is it going to be in a hotel with an immoral friend/ occult home/ coven/ Indian hemp joint/ den of thieves or prostitution lodge? How will you celebrate it? Do you want to use it as an occasion to unleash terror on human beings?

How can God be angry, and you take His patience for granted? He does not want you to continue in His anger every day, and neither does He want you to perish in hell... Friend, what a pity for a person to enter hell on or because of Christmas day! God is calling you now to reason with Him to avoid His anger and judgment- Isaiah 1:18... God's command is that we must all live a life of holiness even on Christmas day- Luke 1:74-75... Be Rapture Ready!


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