Good Days Are Here

Good days are here: Memory lane of what used to be in those old or older years...

I can remember those days vividly when I was still a little boy of eight years old when life gave one joy and happiness in this our nation when Nigeria was the giant of Africa, not today a loaf of bread, is not less than#1000:00, when civil servants and labor organization work hand in the federal government of Nigeria.

But today reverse is the case, that's the reason why youths of today are into all manner of evil in the quest for ritual money making, there's no fear of God, no sanity in the society again, everything goes the way towards destruction, for we are in the end time, friends and family have been torn apart from the common man in the society today, our children today will have no story to tell their unborn children how, what will they say that is the good old days to their unborn children, where a graduate will finish his or degree programs without a job to take care of himself or herself, talkless of their parents that send them to school?

Those good days when a young man or woman will be writing his or her final year examination, the NYSC will be waiting to sign a car gift to the graduating student before he or she will get his or her call-up letter for the national youth services corporation letter to serve the nation, by the grace of God, we look forward that soonest things will change for the better in this country, the giant of Africa, God bless Nigeria today.

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