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Porn eats Jesus Heals - You were my go to; When my hormones raged ...

You were my go to
When my hormones raged
With force so great I'd tear at the seams
You were my companion
When these daughters of eve
Would keep me at arms length

When my brain wasn't creative enough
You would give me lucid images
That'd help fuel my lust

Thinking you were an escape from the heat of the moment
I plunged myself deeper into
The bowels of hell
Cuddling in Hades' arms

My innocence you buried 9feet under
And how you made me long for orgies
Keeping me horny all the time
Wanting more and more of everything
I should have stayed away from

You seeped into my already wounded soul
From within you made the rot deeper
And the stench stronger

You ate at me till I remained bones
Bones I hid in the closet away from God's light

Still this light I so eagerly avoided
Found its way to the bones I hid
The minute he bought my life
And his love opened the closet I hid

It may take me days
Weeks, months probably even years
But there's one thing I'm sure of now
Something I could never imagine years before now
I'll leave you old dog and if I don't
You'll end up leaving me
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