Grinding Chicken Bones In A Food Processor

Have you ever wondered what could be done to your chicken bones after eating the meat? Instead of disposing of them in the waste bin, do you know you could grind them in a food processor? Your chicken bones are very useful to you like chicken meat.

Can I grind chicken bones in a food processor?

Introducing grinding chicken bones in a food processor

And you should be aware that rather than wasting the chicken bones, you could grind them in a food processor.

Grounded bones are a good source of nutrition and calcium for pets or serve as an organic for plants, and you really must be aware of this. With your knowledge of how useful chicken bones are, would you not rather make the best use of your chicken bones from now? To fully enjoy the usefulness of your chicken bones, you would need a food processor to grind them and utilize grounded chicken bones to your satisfaction.

There are many appliances for processing food in the kitchen, but the best for grinding chicken bones should be carefully selected to achieve what you intend to achieve with your chicken bones.

How to grind chicken bones in a food processor

Grinding chicken bones in a food processor is very simple and possible, but the following specific steps will help you achieve it with ease. You must be sure that the food processor can grind bones before you decide to use it for grinding the chicken bones because some machines can only grind soft foods; some food processors can grind both soft and hard foods like bones.

You might as well need to cut the chicken bones into smaller pieces to allow the chicken bones to sit comfortably in the food processor. And after you must have put the smaller pieces of chicken bones inside the food processor, you might also need to add little water, as this will make the bone become softer and make it easy for the machine to efficiently grind the chicken bones. You can as well help the result come out nice by carefully watching the bones and ensuring that the bones are rightly sitting in the processor.

After grinding, you can bring out the grounded bones from the machine and pour them into a clean box, which can be stored in a refrigerator.

What you should consider before grinding your chicken bones in the food processor

You must look out for important things before grinding your chicken in the food processor.

  1. Cut down the bones into smaller portions with a sharp and strong knife, like a chef's knife. Use this knife to carefully cut the bones into pieces. In the course of cutting the bones, separate them from the joints.
  2. Feed the machine with the smaller portion of bones that can accommodate the food processor. It is best advised that you put the bones one at a time, as this will allow the machine to grind easily with a good result and prevent bigger bones from clogging into the blades in the machine.
  3. Put the plug of the food processor into the socket, and do not forget to turn on the switch as soon as you are ready to grind.
  4. Put more bones into the food processor after the collection of the first set of grounded bones.
  5. Try to hold the topper part of the machine as this will help it stand well on the surface and gain balance from spilling the content while grinding.
  6. Collect all the bones and store them in a clean and tight container or box to prevent the bones from spoiling, and preserve them in a refrigerator if you won't be using everything immediately.

Why you should not grind your chicken bones in a food processor

If you would want your grounded chicken bones in liquid form, it is advised that you shouldn't use a food processor. And a good reason for this is because of the inability of food processors to handle liquid well. The contents in the machine might spill out, which might mess up the surface where the machine is placed.

Because different food processors come with different blades, it won't be nice if you select a food processor that is not strong enough to ground bones.

Do not use a food processor that is used for making smoothies because this kind of processor does not have the ability to handle bones well.

Another reason you shouldn’t use a food processor for grinding your chicken bone that will come in liquid form is that the food processor might leave chunks of bones, and you might want to reprocess the bones.

A food processor can be noisy when using it, and if you cannot cope with such noise from the machine, you shouldn’t grind your chicken bones in it.

Because of the difficulty in cleaning the food processor, and if you really do not have the whole time to clean the machine, you might not want to grind your bones in it, as you will want to be sure that no one is left on the blades in the machine.

You shouldn’t consider using a food processor for grinding your chicken bones because of the less control you have over the machine. You would agree with me that once you plug the machine in the socket, it starts working, and you really do not have much control over how it should not smooth in the bones, except if you switch it off.

Another reason you shouldn’t consider using a food processor for your chicken bones is because of the carefulness you will exercise while cleaning the machine after use. The machine comes with very sharp blades that can cut someone easily.

What food processor do you have before using it for grinding chicken bones.

Your food processor should have a bowl that would be used to collect the bones before grinding commences; it should also have a covering to prevent your contents from spilling while grinding. To avoid losing your grounded bones, then the machine should come with a good bowl and covering.

The work of a blade in your food processor can not be undermined; it must be present for it to handle your bones. And you should be sure that the blades are very hard and durable to handle your bones. You don't want to make the mistake of selecting a machine with no hard blades, considering what you would be using it for. Most blades are made of stainless steel and a rubber seal, so you must ensure that your machine comes with blades that are made of stainless steel and not rubber.

Ensure that your machine has some controls that come in button-like forms, as this will help you switch off the machine immediately if you are satisfied with your grounded bones.

Make sure your machine does not come with a wet grinding jar; if you want your bones to come out in a dry form, and if you want the result to come in liquid form, you want to consider a food processor with a wet grinding jar.

Describing a food processor for grinding chicken bones

Fish Chicken Bones Crusher Feed Processor Meat Grinder are good machines that are well designed to handle chicken bones and ground them smoothly without having lumps in the result after grinding. The iron frame of the machine is painted, as this will prevent the machine from rusting and spoiling the quality of the bones after grinding. You would agree with me that when a rusted machine is used for grounding food, it will definitely affect the content. But, a machine whose iron frame is painted will give you a good quality result after grinding.

It has a stainless steel discharge plate that allows your bones to come out in a convenient manner. The machine also has a motor protected by a shell to make the machine durable and last very long use.

Grounded chicken bones are very useful to mankind and very nutritious for health; they are as well useful to pets, as they serve as calcium which can be included or mixed with meals given to cats, dogs, and other pets.

And to save the stress of getting grounded bones, you can get it in the comfort zone of your kitchen with a good food processor that is capable of crushing and grounding bones. You will not only get your chicken bones grounded roughly, but you will get them grounded smoothly with an easy process.

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