Had I Know

"Had l know" has been the song of some adults." Had l know" will be the song of some children in the future when they eventually become adults.

"Had l know" because a certain form of education was denied them. "Had l know" because you educated them wrongly. That education was s3x education. And what is s3x education? S3x education is...

📌How your child feels about their developing body.

📌How your child understands and expresses feelings of intimacy, attraction and affection to others.

📌How your child develops and maintains respectful relationships.

📌Teaching your child touchings that are okay and touchings that are not okay.

📌Teaching your child that every part of their body is private to them, it has gone beyond teaching private parts and public parts.

S3x starts with a touch; therefore, no one must touch any part of his/her body without his/her permission.

📌Teaching family values and living by them.

📌Having a family media plan and keeping to it.

📌Having gender confusion conversation.

📌Having a pornography conversation.

📌Having a masturbation conversation

📌Having a homosexual conversation.

📌Having lesbianism conversation.

📌 Having a drug abuse conversation.

📌Teaching life skills like self-control, self-leadership, self-esteem, self-worth, self-discipline, self-identity, self-expression, self-acceptance, and so on.

📌 And many more and not just s3x.

Many adults today wished they knew better than yesterday. Some wished they had known earlier.

But how would they have known better if they were not taught? How would they have avoided the mistake of sexual immorality and its related issues if they had been taught early? S3x education starts immediately after one is born because it's first of all non-verbal. S3x education is age-appropriate; please don't wait till that child under your care has made mistakes before you begin to s3x educate. Don't wait till they get to puberty before you start to s3x educate them; then it may have been too late.

Please let's save our children from future "had l know."

Start NOW! The earlier, the better...

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