Handling Domestic Violence As Ladies

This short piece of work is just a guide on how ladies should avoid an abusive home, husband or marriage. It is not a story. It is an advice for all women and Ladies out there.

Hmmm, I will just start by Praying for myself; I am going to enjoy my marriage. I will marry a god-fearing, understanding, and loving Man; I will be a god-fearing, understanding, submissive and caring Wife. We will raise God-fearing children who would want to marry someone like Mom Or Dad because of the qualities they find in us. We will raise children that will stand against marital and relationship abuse. Children that will spread love and positive thoughts, energies, and vibes in Jesus' name.

Can you marry someone like your Mom? Can you marry someone like your Dad? Marital abuse or domestic violence is something we don't pray for.

Chai!!! 2020 November was the last time; My Dad beat me; that was because I made a habit of going to church so late, he flogged me 12 strokes. My Mom doesn’t beat, she only shouts, and you just wish she beats you and quit the talking that is always eternal.

I can proudly say I have never liked it, I mean never seen my parents quarrel in the open, but I have heard them countless times settling their differences around 4 am and 5 am.

Why all these plenties of stories? Marital abuse something happens as a result of the background, but people are now becoming better and not what the background wants them to be.

I feel Marital abuse starts with Verbal abuse. The beating becomes the unexpressed verbal abuse. When he can’t keep up with the exchange of words when you are winning him with words, he uses power; he knows you can’t win. So we will talk about how powerful our words are and what we should do and not do with our mouth.

Verbal abuse: I just feel ill words last longer than wounds and sound so fresh whenever you remember them again. When not said rightly, words damage people’s confidence people’s mentality and re-arrange their thoughts, energies, and vibes. Ill words make people lose balance, lose weight, go into depression, and sometimes kill them.

Like a Woman, your mouth should build your home; start it with your father’s house. Compliment more; hype more gives good and short advice; when you don’t have it, just tell them “ God is in control.”

Your mouth is powerful enough to unlock the beast in your husband; instead, we should use our mouth to unlock the Angel in them and kill that beast. Kneel down and pray with that mouth, pray things into action, pray for his favor, blessing, growth spiritually, financially, and physically.

Pray for him while he is sleeping; pray for your children. Use your Mouth to bring Glory to God, not to abuse your husband, not to compare him, not to downgrade him. Use that mouth to hype him no matter his financial level. Speaks more of how much of a blessing you are to the home.

As a child, I never said, “ u dey mad, u dey craze, u dey bombolo cigar.” My parents, especially my Mom, raised me that way; I would be flogged seriously if I did. We nor dey curse for our house up till today. Hearing my brothers curse sounds strange to me because I never hear them say it.

Do you know that in our neighborhood at that time, if our neighbors cursed themselves, they rushed to come and report to Mummy Nurse? They are like, “ Mummy Nurse, Ife says I dey craze.” Another good thing I learned from my parents.

To end this long sermon, please and please, Women, Ladies, Mothers, use your tongue well, stop provoking your husband. If you are already in an abusive relationship, where you are receiving kicks and punch daily, please leave now. We don’t want Justice for this and that.

You should be very aware that you are the owner of yourself after God. Not your Parents, not your Husband but you. Please leave, don’t negotiate, LEAVE.

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