Harbinger (chapter One)

Hi guys, please pardon my errors but this thing has been playing in my head since so that's why I decided to go along with the flow of the story. I will be posting it chapter by chapter whenever I get the hang of the flow. Thanks ❤️

Dear friend,

How are you and everybody? I hope everything is okay. I'm using this letter to invite you to a slumber party which will take place at my place on 4th avenue road tomorrow. See you soon. Xxx, your lovely friend.

The four gathered together, comparing the letters addressed to each one of them from their so call lovely friend. Mason said, 'why don't we just go? I bet the party will be red,' Jason, another member of the four, replied, ' so easy for you to say since your parents are out of the country but kindly think about the others.' Cindy thought, ' I bet I can hook on a new boyfriend at that party, oh how I love to go' aloud, she said, ' yes, but you guys just have to think about some excuse for your parents'

Lucky who is the introvert and the brain among the said ' why are you guys concerned about this party, do you realize that this our so call lovely friend can be anyone? And also 4th avenue road is a pretty nice place compared to here, so who among our friends do you suppose send these letters addressed to each of us.'

Mason chimes in again ' lucky, why are you so boring like this? Common guys, this our friend invite is to come to 4th avenue guys, that place is like heaven in Avenue.' Cindy also replied, ' yeah, guys, Mason is right. We should go and see what this party is all about since it's just one night opportunity.' ' what do you think, Jason?' Lucky asked. ' I think we should go.' he replied. Mason shouted happily, ' yeah, we're going to rock the party.'

While all the others were discussing among themselves what to do and what to wear and the excuse to give their parents to make them go overnight, Lucky was busy checking out the letters and comparing them; he noticed that the same person had written all the letters in the same curvy handwriting and the paper was plain without blemish except the black ink with Wich the letters were written.

Aloud he said, 'alright, we're going, but what excuse are we going to give our parents to make them allow us to spend the night outside.' 'let's just tell them that we're studying overnight at each other's house overnight in preparation for a school project.' Jason said. Mason replied, ' that's a pretty good idea, but we're going to say we are using your house since your parents are out of the country.'' so does everyone agree to this idea?' asked Cindy.

'So it's set, right? We are going to meet at the Masons tomorrow at six and let everyone pack their necessity cause you never know.' Cindy concluded. Lucky did not, however, want to go to this party, and he voiced his concern aloud ' guys don't you think that this is rather sneaky inviting us to a party at one of the richest areas in town without mentioning his or her name?' 'look, if you are chicken out then don't come Mason said.

Lucky replied, 'no one is chicken out, but I just want you to see my point about the anonymous friend who chose us to spend tomorrow night with.' 'look, we've all agreed to go, so let's just pack it up and meet tomorrow night.' Cindy advised. 'okay, let's meet tomorrow then.' Jason concluded. They agreed to meet the next day, and each went along their homes.

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