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"I have a little secret for you," She says. "What?" The other asks."It's about Brigerton High school" "What about it?" "I think students are being captured and sacrificed at Lake Tahoe," the first mutters."What makes you say that?" "Last week, a 16-year-old girl was mutilated and thrown into the river" "What?! Who is she?" "The president of the Girls' Guide Club," She continues. "And I'll tell you who did it."

Annabelle came back from school late today... After having an exhausting day, she never bothered to take her routine afternoon shower as she fell on her bed with sleepy eyes... Just when she was about to drift to sleep, her eyes caught a glimpse of her roommate's computer on her reading table. She also noticed that it had been left on for a while as its power light flicked on and off continuously.

That was strange...Considering the fact that Laura, her best friend, was a very organized person. On alert, she walks toward her roommate's reading table. In an attempt to shut it down, she notices that a recorded video is silently playing on the computer...Goosebumps appear on her skin... A man, covered in a black mask, dressed in torn and blood-drenched clothes, with blood-shot eyes...On his right hand is a large Cleave knife, smeared with blood, dripping at its tip...And why does the man behind the mask looks so familiar?

On his other hand is the very head of her best friend, dangling carelessly. (for her face had been brutally lacerated) Suddenly, the old man shrieks in evil laughter as he points his knife toward the computer screen... With a pounding heart and sweaty palms, Annabelle instantly falls with a loud thud, heavy on her butt. Annabelle slams the computer shut and dashes out of her room to alert her other dormitory mates.

THREE YEARS LATER... Today, Anabelle is attending her best friend's 3rd-year memorial service... The memory of that incident still lingers fresh in her memory... She might at least watch out for herself, as she has also been getting death threats too...Moreover, it isn't a pleasant sight having a letter, smeared with a red substance, delivered to you with blood-coated fingers...Annabelle might not be able to hold on to a High School confidential secret any longer...

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