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Have Courtesy, It Matters!

Lack of courtesy connotes rudeness..."Tobi! That's not fair enough; you shouldn't drop the call on me!" "Kike, I have to greet my mom on entering the house!"

"I know, Tobi but all the same, you should have told me that you want to drop the call" "Okay! I have heard you!" "Not a simple sorry?" "Kike! Why should I say sorry again? "Hmmm. I don't know what is wrong with you, Tobi? Courtesy demands that you apologize when you are wrong!" "What!!! Are you for real? I am in this world but not of the world" "Oh! Are you real, Tobi?!"

"I am!" "Tobi, truly we are not of this world, but while we live in it, we should live our lives as the light. We should point others to Christ through our attitudes, etiquette, and spirituality. You can't claim to be spiritual and rude. Jesus was never rude!" "Are you saying I am rude?" "No, I am not saying you are rude. I am only trying to say that lack of courtesy connotes rudeness. 

In this kingdom, we have courtesy because our Father loves courtesy." "Hmmm. I seriously didn't know all these" "Okay! Tobi, that's not the only thing you should know! A simple thank you to someone that did something good for you is not going to kill you. Saying sorry when you are wrong is not going to reduce you being a man. You should learn to the polite when having a conversation with someone; even if the person is younger than you, a simple please will go a long way to keep the conversation going. Learn to use a suggestive tone in conversion rather than a commanding tone. Are you there with me?"

"Yes! I can hear you! Seriously, I am learning." "Okay! Thank God for that! I am happy you were able to learn" "Is that all the courtesy I need to learn?" "No! That's not all! You will keep learning more about courtesy if you start practicing the few ones you know now." "Okay! As a Christian brother or sister, courtesy is demanded of us?" "Yes!" I remembered something too" courtesy demands that when you see a message, try to reply to them. Do not drop a call when you are not the one that called except if the other person demanded it. 

When you make a call, try and end the conversation well before ending the call." " Hmmmmm. That's true! I hate it when some friends call and just end the call without proper byes." "Now, you understand" You can also browse more on courtesy, and you will be shocked that most of us don't have courtesy" "Hmmm. Is it possible to obey all these laws of courtesy?"

"To my understanding, you can't obey all, but you can few that will cover up for many" "What do you mean?" "You know it's not possible to fulfill all the laws in the Bible, but since love covers multitudes of sins, it becomes possible to overcome lots of sins. When you love, you will be able to stop lots of sins like jealousy, envy, murder, and the rest.

The reason you need to have courtesy is not to hurt your fellow humans and to be able to live together in harmony." "Oh! Now, I understand!" "Good! I expect a great change from you, dear!" "Yes, expect it! I am so grateful." "You are welcome!"

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