Have Faith In God

Are you going through tough times? Having no one to talk to nor confide in? Are you struggling to try to still hold unto God's love and promises but it seems your faith is drifting away?

Just hold on, you are not alone. There is a saying that says when you are down, go reach out to someone else and lift. I am reaching out to my friends here to encourage us and to let us know God is very much present in that very situation we see ourselves in now.

There are times in my life that it seems I'm losing it, struggling to trust God for assurance and deliverance. Finding it difficult to cast all my cares upon him without wavering in my faith on how it's going to happen. But then, Grace had always found me drawing me back to the scriptures to renew my faith. Have you ever lost a loved one, and it seems your world has come to an end? Just hold on and have faith in God!

Does it look as if your prayers and request are not heard? Just hold on and have faith in God! Do you observe in your life mainly bad happenings, no good testimonies, always struggling with everything, never been successful or favored by anyone? All I can say is still hold on and have faith in God! In the world ye shall have tribulations but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world -- These were the word from Christ (John 16:33b). You may sigh, cry, ponder and wonder about your situation, losing faith that God can do all things, thinking your case is so difficult.


Daniel was innocently thrown into the den of lions out of conspiracy by jealous individuals. Thou he Daniel, was in the lion's den, he had faith that God will deliver him as such, it was recorded that the king could not sleep, he prayed and fasted for the safety of Daniel.

Daniel was blessed, intelligent, humble, and obedient above all had an excellent spirit, yet he still had people that didn't like him so you are not alone. It is written, that in the early hours, the king ran to the lion's den with a sorrowful voice; he cried out and l quoted " O Daniel, servant of the living God is thy God, whom thou serves continually able to deliver thee from the lions?" Then said Daniel unto the king, O king live forever. My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions' mouth.....(Daniel 6).

Even when Daniel was yet to be brought out from the lion's den, he still accorded to the king his respect and declared 'O king live forever. It got me thinking to be conscious of how we react when we are going through life challenges for we never could know the handwriting on the wall. Of a truth, God can deliver. He delivered Daniel from the lion's den and surely will deliver us-- Let us have faith in God. Let me end with the lyrics of one of my favorite songs: God makes ways where seems to be no way, He calls light to shine in the darkness, He knows what no man can do, and He will surely make a way for us.

With Love,

Dr. Iniobong ANTE

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