Damian King 1 year ago

Heal Our Land

The land that once flowed with milk and honey is now full of men who are greedy and cunny. We were called the giant of Africa, but now, this is the home of the massacre. Our streams are full of the blood of the innocents, and the cries of our children take away our breath.

Our fathers and sons were taken away from us. They denied them their freedom and locked them in prisons by force.

They dragged our mothers into the mud and turned our daughters into their sex toys.

The land that was known for peace and unity. Our men were recommended for their skills and creativity and our women for their boldness and courage.

This same land has become a place of savage.

We allowed our differences to tear us apart, and our languages became our weakest point.

They made us turn against ourselves; south against north, east against west.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Let’s say no to their drum of war…..our hands together; we will stand tall.

May the labor of our true heroes never be in vain.

Save us from the wicked leaders; they are all the same.

Heal our land o dear Lord.

Plant in us the seed of Love and put an end to the bloodshed; it’s enough.

Weep the tears of our mothers and give strength to our fathers.

Fill our thought with peace; that’s what we need.

Heal our land.

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