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Hebe: The Goddess Of Youthfulness And Forgiveness.

A destined queen for Hades; god of the underworld and ruler of the dead. This should be interesting...

I groaned as I stretched tiredly on the bed. Why am I so tired? The ringing in my head won't stop, and every inch of my body aches. I open my eyes lazily and let them adjust to the light in the room. I move groggily to the side of the bed where my bedside table is, and that's when I realize that it's not there. Wait! This is not my room. Sleep cleared from my eyes almost immediately, and my body was on alert. Where am I? The only thing I remember is walking into the woods to pick some vegetables for mama. The room was dimly lit and large. It had dark colors of black, brown, and grey, while the queen-sized bed in the middle had a maroon-colored mattress. The mahogany wardrobe and floor were well polished, and a single grey couch was placed in a corner with a small-sized table. Beside the wardrobe was a door which I assumed was the bathroom. The room looked like a room in a castle from hell. 

I walked to the other door close to the couch and tried to pull it open. It was locked. Damn it! Despite the pounding in my head, I tried to find my phone. I started searching the bed, the mattress, the covers, and anything my hand could reach." Your phone is right here, princess," A voice boomed from across, scaring me out of my wits. A handsome man walked into the room; he was wearing a well-ironed black tuxedo and black shoes to match his dark hair gelled back. His whole look screamed sinister and dangerous like the devil himself. He had a smirk on his face as he stretched the phone to me. I walked cautiously with my hand stretched out, and once I could touch my phone, I grabbed it and recoiled instantly to the opposite side of the bed. I turned on my phone, and my heart sank when I saw that there was no signal. "Where am I? Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?" I said angrily as I glared daggers at the man in front of me. "Hell, Hades, You are my queen, so technically, I didn't kidnap you," he said casually as he walked to the couch and sat down. "What?" I said, confused. "I answered your questions," he said with an annoying smirk that I would love to wipe off his face.

"Listen here, I won't engage you in your silly mind games, but I hope you know that my family, friends, and the police are looking for me, and once they find me and arrest you, I will make sure you rot in jail" I threatened as I use my eyes to scan the room for any object I could use to defend myself just in case things got ugly. Unfortunately, the room was mostly empty. "Don't worry, love, no one would be finding you and arresting me anytime soon," he said with a smug look. "I am not your love, don't call me that, you sicko," I spat irritatedly. "feisty...just as I like them," he said with a sadistic smile like this was all a game to him. Who am I kidding? It probably is. "Are my family safe? Don't you even try harming a hair on any of my family's heads because if you do, I promise you that I would be your worse nightmare," I barked, infuriated? He seemed to have seen something as I spoke because he was quiet for a moment as he watched me. "I'm sorry, princess, that the truth may be hard to swallow, but all I have said has been nothing short of the truth. I am Hades, The god of the underworld and ruler of the dead, and I am also your other half, and that makes you the queen of my kingdom.

Finally, the prophecy will be fulfilled", he said as he stood up and put his hands in his pocket. "What the hell are you..." "You will not speak until I tell you to," He interrupted me and said. Suddenly, my mouth was somehow sealed shut, and I could not get a single word out. My eyes widened in fear as I struggled to speak, but all to no avail. "you are not a normal girl like you think princess, you are a product of a taboo, a god and a human. Twenty-one years ago, Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder, had an intimate affair with a human; the child was prophesied to be the goddess of eternal youth and forgiveness; she would have absolute control over youthfulness and immortality. She would have the power to rejuvenate a person's physical body and make them immortal, and she could also take away a person's life, whether mortal or immortal, with a wave of her hand. She is betrothed to Hades, and together, they are a dangerous pair that should never be allowed to happen. That child's name is Hebe, and Hebe is you."

I finally gave up struggling and just stood there listening to his gibberish. This guy must be a die-hard fan of fantasy books and Greek mythology because how else could he utter such nonsense. Half-human, half-goddess, hell, Hades, Zeus... None of them exists. "If I don't exist, then how else could I shut you up with just an order?" He asked with a smirk. Wait! Did I say that out loud? "No, you didn't; one of the perks of being a god is that you can read human thoughts, well, except me; I can read everyone's thoughts as long as I will it so. I can also compel everyone, and that's how I managed to shut you up" His smirk grew wider, if that was even possible. Getting no reply from me because I still couldn't say anything, he continued, "It would interest you to know that you are the world's prized possession. That, my dear, makes you dangerous and most wanted. Although, You might be a goddess being with humans has made your power dormant and an easy kill for enemies. And that's why you are here in hell"...He raised his hands, and suddenly, the room walls started to peel off and melt away. In a blink of an eye, we were suddenly on a castle top, and the entire expanse of land was visible from up here.

The land extends till infinity, and I could see the dark clouds in the sky and the flowing streams of hot lava in the dry and deserted lands; and is that a flying dragon? "You may speak now, and yes, those are dragons," he said with a small chuckle like I was the only one losing my mind here. Again, I probably was. "Holy shit" was the only thing I could muster to say as I looked around once more. Am I dreaming? How is this even real? "Believe it, dearest Hebe because this is your life from now on," He said. "I just can't believe you; all this looks crazy. I don't know how you did all this, but I don't believe it; I am just a normal girl; I have a family, I have a boyfriend, I have a normal life. You can't just tell me that my whole life has been a lie, and you expect me to believe you hook, line, and sinker" He growled lowly at the mention of a boyfriend, but I didn't care. I continued, "you must be mistaken, I am not who you are looking for. Please take me back to my family; they must be very worried about my absence," I pleaded. I silently wished this was all just a nightmare.

Whatever this bizarre place was, I knew I wouldn't go far if I ran, so maybe pleading would let him spare me. "You are the one Hebe; I am not mistaken. And I would never hurt you. Believe it or not, it would hurt me more if I hurt you. Also, those who you consider your family are not your real family and are not good people. Your biological father, Zeus, has disappeared off the face of the world; no one knows his whereabouts, and your biological mother died while giving birth to you. Your foster family knew who you were from the day they took you home as a baby; they kept you because they were still searching for a way to take your powers. They were planning on killing you when I took you away; they somehow figured out a way to take your powers through some ritual. They..." "I don't want to hear it; you are lying; I don't believe you," I said as I was starting to get irritated. He was lying. They are my real family; they would never lie to me. This man is just trying to brainwash me; I'm not that dumb to listen to him. "Very well, I will take you back. You will find out the truth the hard way," He said as he walked forward and held out his hand. "Take my hand," he instructed. I reluctantly held his hand, and immediately I did; the scenery of the land started to peel off and melt away like last time. The ground underneath started to shake as the castle disappeared from under us. A heavy wind blew around us like it was angry; I had to bury my face in Hades' broad chest and cling unto him for my dear life. Darkness suddenly blurred my vision, and before I knew what was happening, there was a blackout.★‡★†★‡★†★

I woke up with a slight headache, and the first thing I saw was the familiar forest trees close to my house. I was home now. I stood up from the ground and dusted myself up. Home sweet home. I could see the building from here, so I started walking toward it. I first saw mama, and immediately she saw me, she ran towards me with a big smile. "Oh, my baby girl, where have you been? I have been so worried", She said as she hugged me tightly. "Sorry, Mama, I got a little carried away, and I got lost in the woods," I lied. Come on, I can't just tell her I met the devil in hell, and he called me his wife; that will just be crazy. "Come on inside, my child; I cooked your favorite meal," she said happily as she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. I smile at the gesture; this is my real family, not some god somewhere.

I followed her inside, and mama brought my meal for me; I ate happily and eagerly. I didn't even realize that I was that hungry before. As I washed my hands after eating, papa walked into the house; I hurriedly got up to hug him when I felt my legs go weak and wobbly. I called for Mama and Papa, and even though my vision was starting to get blurry, I saw them look at me without a word or reaction. None of them rushed to help me as if they already knew what was happening to me; they just stood and watched. What Hades' said about my family crossed my mind one last time before my eyelids sealed shut. Was he perhaps telling the truth? ★‡★†★‡★†★

Noises of chants woke me up from my slumber; I could feel the tight restraints of ropes on my body binding me to a stick. I blinked hard as I cleared the fog out of my eyes. It was dark, but I could make out little details that told me I was still home; in fact, I was in the woods, and a little crowd of people surrounded me. I noticed mama and papa among them. "Mama, papa, please save me," I pleaded as tears began to well up in my eyes. The little crowd of people laughed at my plea. They mocked me like I was dumb. "we are not your real parent, girl. You are a mistake from the sinful act of a god and a human. You are an abomination to the world, and law and order will finally be restored at your death," papa said with a determined look in his eyes. The fire in them burnt as I had never seen before; all the humor and love I thought I saw in them growing up was gone completely. My chest constricted painfully as tears rolled down my cheeks non-stop. I turned to face mama beside him. "Mama, you are a mother. You are my family; you used to tell me how much you loved me and how happy you were when I was born; you used to love it when I ate your food. I am your child; please don't forsake me," I cried out. "shut it, you evil child, you are too dangerous for this world; if not that we hid you with an enchantment, Hades would have found you earlier and fulfilled the prophecy. Now is your time to die; our tribe will become the most powerful after we transfer your power to our son, Leo," she said as she turned to the approaching man. Leo? I turned to see who it was, and I almost doubled over in shock; my boyfriend walked forward with a dagger in hand.

My boyfriend was my foster parent's biological son. "Hey, baby girl, don't cry. It will be over before you know it" He cooed and wiped my tears with his hands. His eyes were cold and emotionless, just like the rest of them. He was not the man I once cared for and loved; this man here was power-hungry and vengeful. "Only a man who she had had emotional feelings for can perform the ritual. Her heart is the key to taking her powers; Leo, please step forward and pierce the dagger into her chest", An old man dressed in red said. "so you didn't really love me? You played with my feelings just to pierce a dagger to my chest in the end," I said as I looked into his eyes with the hope that just maybe all this was some prank. "Well, you had what I wanted so..." He smirked as he raised his dagger in the air. I closed my eyes despite the never-ending tears that flowed through them and my broken heart that continued squeezing painfully. My whole life was a lie; after all, I had been an ignorant fool and stupidly naive when everyone I cared for and loved wanted me dead. With my eyes shut, I waited for my death, but it wasn't forthcoming. I opened my eyes to see Leo freeze with his hand in mid-air. I turned to see the rest of the crowd; they were confused as to what just happened as well. "funny of you to think you could touch and harm what's mine without consequences," Hades said as he appeared before me with a dark smile and eyes full of fury. 

"Cerebus, we are going to have so much fun both on earth and in the underworld with these playthings, right?" he asked the ebony black man beside him. He was huge and muscular like a warrior, and he also had similar anger in his eyes. "of course, nobody harms the queen," he replied as he looked at the crowd of people with bloodthirsty eyes; they looked like his next meal. "let's play" he smiled devilishly as a metal hermet appeared in his hands. He put it on, and he disappeared immediately. He was invisible. Cerebus stepped forward, lunged, and shifted into a huge three-headed dog. Their eyes were black as night, and their protruding canines were long and sharp; they stood tall and ruthless. And then the battle began; Cerebus tore into flesh as fast as lightning while Hades, although invincible, showed his effects by the humans going up to the sky as if they were floating and falling down dead. Mama, Papa, and Leo were still alive but frozen; it seemed like Hades and Cerebus were purposely avoiding them. In three minutes, the forest ground was littered with dismembered bodies. Cerebus shifted back and immediately walked to me and cut off the ropes with his claws. "My queen are you hurt?" he asked with a gentle voice.

I shook my head and proceeded to rub my bruised wrist that was tied tightly behind my back. I was suddenly engulfed in a hug; it was from Hades. The mere hug somehow filled me with comfort, and the lonely feeling I felt seeped out through my bones. I felt at home. "I would never leave you, I would never lie or hurt you, as long as I'm alive, nobody will even think of harming you. You are mine to love," he whispered in my ears. The rawness and genuineness of his words rejuvenated me and somehow mended my broken heart. I believed him even though I had only met him a few hours ago, I felt the urge to trust him completely, and I guess I have nothing to lose now. "Never knew the devil could be such a softie," I said as I tried to ease the tension. Hades chuckled as he moved away while Cerebus smiled. Not going to lie; I felt cold as he left. Hades winked at me, and that's when I remembered that he could read my thoughts. Damn god. "There is plenty of time to hug princess, don't worry," he smirked. I rolled my eyes as I turned my attention to Cerebus, "please tell me there is a way to stop him from reading my thoughts" "Don't... "Hades warned. "There is," Cerebus answered me with a small smile. "And here I thought you worked for me," Hades grumbled. "He works for both of us now, remember" I smirked and winked at him. I think I'm really getting the wing of this god and goddess thing. Hades and Cerebus smiled and nodded.

"Now, what do you want to do with them?" Hades asked me, pointing to the frozen trio." Me?" I asked, surprised. What could I do? "I figured you might want to have a go at them; they deserve to be punished," he said. I thought about what he said for a moment, "I have forgiven them; hurting them will truly justify what they said about me being dangerous and evil; they are now my past, and I have nothing to do with them. You can do with them as you wish," I said with a genuine smile. They hurt me, they betrayed and lied to me, they deceived and pretended to love me. I thought they were family; they were so close to my heart that I could take a bullet for them. But if I retaliate, doesn't that make me who they see me as? They see me as a being who would bring destruction to the world with my ability to kill immortals and also a provider of immortality to mortals. I could kill them all if I wanted, and they expect nothing less from me, but I will prove them wrong by forgiving them and not hurting them. My forgiveness will haunt them instead. I just wanted to move on. I just wanted to live my true life, which I'm truly meant to be, and enjoy it. I am Hebe, goddess of eternal youthfulness and forgiveness, the patron of brides. "I guess you took the goddess of forgiveness name literally," hades teased, but I could see the pride in his eyes. "well, I'm not a forgiving person, so Cerebus, please do the honors of escorting to my kingdom, I shall have my fun time with them in hell," He said with a twinkle in his eyes like he couldn't wait. Cerebus nodded obediently, and in seconds he shifted to his true form. "how is that possible?" I asked, still surprised at the transformation even though I was seeing it for the second time. "princess, everything is possible in the world of gods and goddesses," he said. "unfreeze," He instructed.

The trio immediately started moving, and in seconds, they were up and on the run. You could almost smell their fear. Hades laughed as he watched them run; he turned his attention to me and said, "he loves it when they run," His eyes twinkled devilishly. I turned to look at Cerebus, who sat patiently like he was waiting for them to run further away. A minute later, he stood up tall and took off after them. Hades and I were alone now; I turned to him and asked, "so what now?" He looked at me with so much pure love in his eyes that it made my knees weak. "You wake your powers, you become my wife and the queen of the underworld, and we cruise the world together till infinity."

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