Hell's Heaven 1

This story is about a dysfunctional family fighting off their demons to protect an infant...

The old rubber estate was home to a few old folk who knew each other's back and front. Although they couldn't tell much about everyone in the area, the lekuns were a family no one dared speak of out loud.

In the family of four, it was rumored that they were possessed by the legion. The head of the family was Dele, a forty-eight-year-old truck driver whose temper was equal to a volcano's eruption. He spent most of his time gambling away his earnings, not minding the debt he would face later.

Esther was forty, a frail woman who just didn't know when to shut up. She gossiped from sunrise to sunset. And she was quoted for spreading the rumors; her tongue became loose, and no filter could control what came out.

David was eighteen, a dropout who worked as a mechanic. He never spoke, which still made the neighbors wonder how he talked to girls, judging by the number of times these girls had done the walk of shame. Like his father, he was a good-looking man; even cougars couldn't help but crawl up the young man's lap.

Finally, Tessa, the girl who had a reputation for beating up men, looked at her the wrong way. She was an exotic dancer in it.


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