Her Honest Response

Of course, she is a clever, cheerful and chaste chick. Hikmot would not hide the fact that the love letter she received made her revisit her personality and purpose.

Trust International College,

Trust Estate,


20th October 2015

Dear Admirer,

I find your voluminous proposal to be well composed and worthy of reciprocation. Your composition is simply excellent. I recognize the proper placing of punctuations, heavy use of nice adjectives, deliciously concocted romantics about our future, decent self-appraisal, and the fantastic elaboration on my NAME. I shall proceed according to the sequence of your presentation. 

Your empire is vast and glorious indeed, with your parent's monies, and might well recognize in this city. And as the only son of Alhaji (Chief) Owoseeni, Chairman/CEO of Owoseeni Group of Companies, and a renowned statesman, you are indeed a likable person for choosing to live moderately. And having a gracious mum like Doctor Habeebat, S.R.D., University Teaching Hospital, is a certitude to being well nurtured and highly cultured. I am also impressed to know that you study law and that your grades are perfect.

Meanwhile, I have an impression that you are from the age of stone, considering your medium of expression. Imagine the versatility of the current, available media tools against your very antiquated epistolic style of yours. You must be sure of the impression you intend to establish, anyways, just that your photos and the rose flowers prettified the message to a remarkable extent. So, I confess that your personality minus the infatuation is worthy of recognition.

Honestly, I appreciate the elaborate glorification of my humble personality. The poem is so catching that I find it pleasing to reproduce it here. **I will forever cherish your name Hikmot

I will beget you Hikmot!

Hikmot your name on my tongue is sweet and soft

Like juice made purely from fresh watermelon

It is the fragrance that enlivens a moody soul

It's the perfect simplicity in which beauty is defined

It echoes the lullaby from an affectionate mother

That gently sends the suckling asleep

Maiden name of love before it's betrothed to lust

Name of sweetness sweeter than natural honey

Sweeter even than the word 'Sweetie' employed

By the groom addresses his bride, That EVE

Hikmot is the echo of Aisha,

The wise and worthy wife of the noblest Man

Hikmot, a rare gem, immaculate beauty

You' my future, my joy. I am a swain

'Sunk' in the pool of your ample charms,

Your eyes, like the dove's

Your nose a semblance of the angel's

Your words are as tempting as goodies,

Your whole is faultless, the chaste but cheerful

My virgin heart's panting, pleading,

Sunshine, may you light up my world.

Should Leopold Sedar Senghor decide to sue you for this poem of yours that attract every literary appreciation given to 'I will pronounce your name,' you will forget my name. I enjoy the poetics anyways. I also noticed how you swift to the crafty creation of our future, from the euphemism 'fun time' to the sarcastic 'toothless old age.' You alleged time of injecting into our senses a flimsy judgment that we are not yet ripe for the fun time. And that it (time) will come to mock us at old age while we regret missing the freshness of the fantasy. The freaking fantasy, you said, is presently being savored by our mates and even the younger ones. This, I will surely address. And from this moment, I want to be frank with you.

With your brain and backers, the world owes you no applause even if you set new fantastic records. My dear, many guys out there will better maximize such an opportunity. I want you to know that the difference between Rabi, the leafmonger, and Rabi, the draper, is the opportunity given. So, don't mess it up. The time spent on the proposal could be better spent on law books. I believe you know that your good grades come from being focused and dedicated to your studies. Do you now intend to exchange your academic excellence for sexualism?

I advise you to smoothen your path with noble acts and stop being a dutiful dummy. This is not a condemnation. I am only being natural with you. I hate that you abandon necessity for nonsense. I like not that your good mind is preoccupied with processes that only lead to damnation. Are you asking what has brought damnation into this? Alright, let me give you this. Senior Hamdallah happened to be my role model, someone who was twice as worthy as I am. She was the school Head-Girl while I was in S.S.S. One. But unfortunately, she was impregnated by the School Social Prefect, Hassan, the finest, before they could sit for their S.S.C.E. Both victims presently have a hard time reconnecting with their dreams. I pray that such fate spares you and me.

So, I ask you - should I pity your 'virgin heart' as it pants and pleads for the poisonous pleasure when our future is at stake? You can imagine the situational irony. I won't deny the fact that I'm a likable person, but I think the wanting mesmerism should spare sound minds. I'm very much disappointed to know that your academically inclined mind could sway so readily.

Even if you chant the most captivating of love poems, I, Hikmot, will not compromise. Isn't it obvious that a cat wiggles pityingly only when it intends to steal meat? And when a hawk hugs a chick, we all know that the latter will soon be late. And as a sound student of literary stylistics, I am very much informed about the world of words. So, no matter how chiefly you spice your sauce of fantasy, I'm not buying. I only subscribe to profitable and positive adventures. I really know how to make wise choices; it's a gift from God.

Moreover, I have deeply observed our temporal and cultural clime for more than one hundred and twenty-four full moons, and I have luckily but narrowly escaped the curses that own this time. Our generation courts a series of unceasing disasters, Prof. Gbemisola Adeoti rightly said. But I observed that it is almost impossible to cure our devout craze for the vast series of nothingness that the political class has designed to rob us of our promising future. The system, in order to confine us in deepening damnation, has crippled the previously proficient and productive education sector, knowing that it is the only trusty ship that can sail against the waves of worriness to deliver us to the shore of positivity and possibilities.

The political class, portrayed as land in Adeoti's 'Ambush,' comes across as some predatory animals that inhibit every niche of human endeavors. The land as a giant whale swallows the well-nurtured dreams of its victims whose hope lies in the water. The land is also depicted as a saber-toothed tiger that halts the venturous struggle of the victimized on land. The land, also like a giant hawk, hovers to frustrate the lives of citizens who seek their livelihood through the air. Most, unfortunately, the land is said to lie patiently in ambush for those who point away from a direction where nothing happens, towards a shore of possibility. These tell us that all hopes have been dashed. Yet, as resilient and optimistic people, we decide not to consider public unrest, and also, as individuals, suicide is never to be considered. But, our hope has only taken us this far, with no improvement.

Should an observant young citizen of this country have realized the issues on the ground and continue to revel in irrelevances? Our dear country has been suffering from bad leadership for ages. Motherland has been thrown into the slough of despair. And while the victimized masses fasten their hope to the viability of the younger generation, we are whittling away at the worship of celebrity idols. And worse is the case of a fellow who squanders his future on sexualism. Like some guided feminists, I grant that no sane woman should settle down with a lowly man, one whose bones and brain have forsaken. Never! Even if a man is yet to amass wealth, let him be focused, hardworking and god-fearing; I will drink his garri in peace while I stand with him in prayer for merry morrow. I like not a weakling who, having inherited fortunes, laze around boasting of the vast but damned empire where nothing grows.

Sincerely, I appreciate your personality, just as I am afraid of what happens if you don't quit messing around. That reminds me of a lovely poem I intend to share with you and your mates out there. The poem goes thus;


Work is the antidote to poverty

Work hard, my friend

Work is the tool for elevation

If we have no one to lean on

We appear indolent

If we have no one to rely on

We work harder

Your mother might be rich

Your father may have a stable full of horses

If you rely on them

You will be put to shame, I tell you

Whatever one does not work for

Usually, don't last

Whatever we gain from hard labor

Usually, endure for long

Arm is a kin

Elbow is a sibling

If the world loves you today

If you are wealthy

They will still love you tomorrow

Or if you attain a prestigious position

The world will celebrate you with smiles

Should you become poor

The world will grimace at you

And education elevates one

Ensure to acquire it very well

And if you see a lot of people

Making a mockery of education with laughter

Please, do not emulate them

Suffering will catch up with a child that lacks wisdom

Tears are certain for a truant child

Don't toy with your early years, my friend

Work hard; time is going.

I advise that you read the poem to yourself and think about the lessons in it. He who fails to make haste, the elders say, becomes a waste. My friend, a word is enough for the wise.

I, Hikmot Adesewa Abeke, desire an uninterrupted pace in my academic pursuit. I have big dreams that always pull me towards positivity. My dreams are very much bigger and sexier than any selfish desire or infatuation. 

Conclusively, this nation needs the youths to be firm and focused, not fickle-minded. May you find it pleasing to be gentlemanly at this critical time and stop messing around. You will find me much sweeter than your lustful imagination if there's a future that captures our union. And provided that your mind is completely dedicated to your studies, the probability that U and I cluster is not insignificant.

Your Dream Queen,

Hikmot A.A.

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