His Heart Know

{😱That he still wants her😱}Loves😘If you see anyone copying or reposting my book, don't hesitate to inform me🥺🙏 Thanks in advance 💘

★★★★★Aamir was about to say something when the door opened again, and she walked in... Oops sorry! I mean, they walked in. They walked hand in hand. It wasn't even the impeccable presentation of the man that walked in that caught Aamir's attention. It was the blooming flower beside him. The flower was his years ago till... he cast it away. Time seemed to stop as Aamir looked at her without even blinking. She hadn't noticed him yet but was still staring at the guy beside her with a smile on her face. That smile that he had forgotten about. The smile seemed to form a lump in his throat.

Even his employees were looking at Zoya. They had never seen a beautiful lady like her before. What's more, she wore an abaya to the meeting instead of professional clothing like the one miss Neha is wearing? But who cares. When the abaya is actually very beautiful and fits her perfectly. "Kashan, you have to behave and don't call me she-devil during this meeting, or I will make sure to stomp my heels on your shiny shoes so hard that you'll cry out of pain," Zoya told Kashan. She still hasn't noticed that everyone's attention is on her. Kashan gave her a smirk, and then they faced the audience. She smiled at the employees, her gaze trailing across the room until finally... She saw him.

Her complexion turned pale, and Kashan looked at her cause she withdrew her hand from his. Zoya stared at Aamir, and he stared back at her. Everyone around them seemed to disappear until they could only see themselves in each other's eyes. 'Get your hands off me right now!' 'You should have thought of him before opening your legs to seduce my brother! Zoya, move out of the way, and don't make me hit you!' 'Don't you dare call me mother! I cannot give birth to a vile woman like you! I must be cursed to have a daughter-in-law like you.' 'My brother clearly made a mistake in marrying you.' 'Don't touch my son with your filthy hands. Leave here this instant, or I'll call the guards to throw you out.'

Tears pooled in her eyes as all these words 👆 echoed in her head over and over again. Those words many years ago kept hurting her and are still hurting. She looked down instantly. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She immediately blinked those stubborn tears back as Kashan held her hands again. She looked up at him, and he saw the tears she was so desperate to hide. "Zoya... Are you okay?" he asked. Aamir looked at Kashan. Who is he? Why is the touching Zoya that way? She... She didn't move on, did she?

He stared at her again. She looks the exact opposite of how she looked years back. She didn't like wearing this eye-catching and chic abaya then... What changed? He looked down at the files on his lap and struggled to stop himself from sniffling. He tried to stop the tiny little teardrop that wanted to escape. He couldn't help but remember that day. She had cried,' My son... I need my son... Please bring Samir to me.' 'Please, I'm not lying... Believe me, just this once. I've never looked at any other man after I got married to you. Please, for the sake of Samir,'

He sniffed again and looked down. He has never said this, but on that pencil sketch drawing she made for him, there was an acronym at the bottom of the drawing. 'DOVE. ' He had been confused for days, wondering what that meant. He had searched on the internet but couldn't even find a satisfying answer. He checked florist shops if they would know the meaning of it, but none had an idea. Then he had found this hand bracelet that was supposedly meant for him but once again, she never gave him.

The initials printed on the bracelet were, 'DO YOU LOVE ME?' That was a question meant for him, right😭 He was supposed to answer that, right? She was supposed to give him that, but it never got to him. Why? Would he have answered it if she had even shown him? You and I know the answer🥺. He finally managed to figure out that 'DOVE' could actually be an acronym for those words. He looked down at the purple tie he was wearing. It had this acronym too. D for Do and the remaining words 'OVE' for love. That's how the 'DO YOU LOVE ME?' was formed.

★🔱 Don't copy or repost my book. You won't know what will kill you 🔱★ Zoya forced a smile on her face and nodded, "I am fine." Her word came out quietly. Kashan led her to sit down on a nearby chair, and then he apologized to everyone. Neha touched Aamir wondering why he was acting so moody all of a sudden. Aamir looked up and used his hand to wipe the rims of his eyes immediately so Neha won't see the trace of tears. Zoya didn't notice their interaction cause she was looking down at her fingers, refusing to look up. "Are you alright?" She asked, and Aamir nodded; then, he gave a signal for the meeting to begin. Kashan's employees stood up one after the other to give an explanation about their own part of the proposal.

Then soon, it was Zoya's turn. She was going to show them the designs she had made for the project areas. Kashan reached out and touched her hair lightly before asking, "Are you okay now?" She smiled at him and gave off a confident smile before standing up. She looked at everyone except Aamir, and they clapped for her as she walked to the front. Neha rolled her eyes, wondering why people were just making a ruckus about this woman. "Hello, I'm Zoya...," She looked at Aamir and gave him a smile. Then she continued, "I'm Zoya. Simply Zoya." Aamir thought and wondered if she had changed her last name. But then she switched on her laptop, and her designs were displayed on the slide due to the projector already connected to it. Everyone except Kashan looked mesmerized by her designs.

Even Neha arched an eyebrow. The designs are actually good, and even pencil sketched. But this won't be enough for a good proposal. Just then, Zoya clicked on something, and the designs suddenly became colored, making it look like it was already a real thing. The smile on Neha's froze. She stared at Zoya. How did she do this? That was when she noticed that the man beside her was looking at Zoya with a dreamy look. It's Aamir. He can't take his eyes off her. People might think he is staring at the designs, but he is actually staring at the beauty... The main beauty in front of the design.Tbc💘 About the Dove acronym thing, I got that inspiration from a book I read a long time ago😭It was so emotional...My phone is almost dead, and I dunno when NEPA will bring lite, so I just wanted to drop this quickly. Complete my requirements for the next chapter 👇

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