It centres on how life can be tricky, sometimes, things go well, sometimes, they don't but the most important thing is the attitude with which you take life, when you are winning, stay humble, when you aren't, let the unknown tomorrow give you hope.

I saw him, and I was really unhappy. He was a nice guy, an early achiever; in his early thirties, he already had landed properties of his own, had a beautiful wife that everyone admired back then, lovely children, and a bustling career. To cap it all, he was humble- down to earth, and very funny. You can hardly be in his company without laughing. Then I saw him, and the table had been turned. I was shocked because I knew that was not where I had left him a few years ago. We exchanged pleasantries, asked about each other's families, and he offered me one of the things I saw him selling on the street. The condition might have changed, but he was still the normal jovial nice chap. He didn't hide, he greeted me, and he was himself except for the air of this hard life that was written all over him. I know this is a setback, but throughout the day, I couldn't stop wondering and praying for a better life for him. And with his attitude of facing life with a smile, facing his challenge with hard work, and even giving out, I am sure he will soon kick back; that's my hope of tomorrow for him. 

As for me, I've always been an emotional person; if I saw an old friend who's now doing well, I would hug him/her closely, even shedding tears when we remembered the past and how it used to be. If it's the other way round, I would be done for the day; throughout that day, I would become moody, for life has taught me how fair and unfair it could be. You see, tomorrow is the greatest mystery no one can unfold. In Jss2, a friend was ill; before we said Jack, she was gone. That was my first experience of having someone I knew to die. Growing up, I've seen people overtake one another, I've seen the poor become rich, I've seen the rich having a setback, I've seen those who seemed to be doing so well, and everyone was happy about their success and all of a sudden, they were out of this world. I've seen people the class would normally tag 'failure ' rise to employ some of their old classmates. I've seen the 'Slow and Steady ' walking at their own pace, neither rich nor poor, but are surviving.

I've seen the seemingly intelligent people with privileged homes whom everybody had looked up to for greatness turn out battling and struggling with life. I've seen good people marry bad people, and I've seen good people marry good people. I've seen virgins still searching at forty; I've seen those we tag 'loose' married and happy. I've seen people having to wait for Yeats after marriage before their bundle of joy arrived, and I've experienced what waiting to have children was like. Yet, I've seen aged 12 having children and aged 50 praying for just a single child of his or her own. I've seen good people die of terminal diseases, and as a matter of fact, I lost my mum at a time when I thought life was beginning to get better for my siblings and me. I've thought that all was over before, but I have found happiness later. I've known set back, and I've learned to fight back. In all these, not losing one's grip on God is the most important thing.

No matter what condition you find yourself in, let the thought of tomorrow give you hope. Is it a setback? Get up and kick back, launch out, drop the self-pity, in the middle of that setback, praise your God. Is it Slow and Steady? Be thankful, work harder and pray more. Are you very OK with your life- A beautiful family, wonderful job, bouncing business? Stay humble, help the less privileged and acknowledge your God as the giver of riches and not of your own making. Whatever you do and in whatever condition you find yourself, let the unknown tomorrow give you hope and let the mystery that tomorrow may unlock make you treat everyone that crosses your path with respect. 

Life is never fair; it is not fair; let the fear of the unfair life make you put your trust in your God who knows tomorrow. In all your dealings, be kind, considerate, and good to people. Your goodness today might be your saving grace tomorrow. 

Written by Shola Funmi.

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