How Did We Become Like This?

Love goes awry, and in bitterness, I rue the missed opportunity... Our love was obvious to anyone who cared to see; The care and affection, so sweet and passionate;

Our love was obvious to anyone who cared to see.
The care and affection, so sweet and passionate,
But what followed after, no eye had foreseen,
That the cracks would split us apart, and then it would be too late.

I cared so much for you, beyond anything and anyone,
And was willing to fight God, to let our love into immortality.
And I knew the moment I saw you, I saw not someone but "The One"
Who would occupy my heart, in measures of infinity?

Alas! It happened and oh!, so quick it was,
That before I realized it, the dagger had cut deep.
Deeper into my recesses, with stinging pain as from angry wasps.
And there I was, night after night, deep in thoughts, deprived of sleep.

How did I fail to see through this flimsy facade?
How did you slip through my hands, like a mudfish out of its captor's grip?
Why did your brightness vanish, when we began the love parade?
And the warm and blushed face I once desired, now needing a skin snip?

If only I summoned enough courage to make my intentions known:
Of making this pact a permanent one, a love story unending;
Of sharing my lot in life with you, till the break of dawn,
It would not have been this way: my heart now constantly rending.

Yet you saw not the future in us, you yearned for something else,
You saw no love in me, you grew fond of me only for a season.
I was to you a shadow passing by, that! and nothing else,
I was the darkness you were to glide past into your next horizon.

At last, we've come and have gone: legends of the past,
A love story too gory to tell without aches and tears.
What I never desired became inevitable - our separation at last,
And I'm forced to move on or hang on to hope in the coming years.

How did we become like this? I ask drearily,
You say I have the answers but I know them not.
How did we become like this? You ask cheerily,
I suffer for lack of answers, I'll forever bemoan my lot.
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