How Do We Guard Against Sexual Molestation In Schools?

Before I commence, I would like to define the keyword "sexual molestation." Sexual molestation can be defined as the abusive use of sexual acts from one person upon another through the use of force or another means of advantage.

Now looking into the direction of sexual molestation in schools, it is the act whereby a student or any other person in the school involves in any immoral or indecent act upon another person, especially a student, without consent with the intent to satisfy one's sexual desire with the use of force or coercion or deceptive measure.

Here I will bring to you the causes of sexual molestation in schools. Looking into our present world today, the act of sexual molestation or abuse has become so rampant, even to the extent of happening in schools. There is a saying that goes thus' Charity' begins at home. The first learning school of a child is their home. They have been many cases that expose students abusing their fellow students in school because such a child has already been exposed right from their home to sexual vices, like watching pornography films and always having that urge to wanting to practice what they have seen in those films and when they have thought of ways they can carry out that vicious act on their fellow student, most especially those whom they can overpower and force them against their self-will to satisfy their lustful desire. When this vicious practice is carried out by students upon themselves, the school authority will conceal the matter so as not to get their school to criticize.

Secondly, another cause of sexual molestation is the societal influence on students. Most students who exhibit such acts are already exposed sexually and now have a lack of empathy and possess the act of aggression. Most especially, the male students and teachers feel the female students are inferior and superior to them, thereby forcing them against their will. Why do I say so?

Thirdly, the students or teachers who get themselves involved in alcohol addiction or drug addiction have the highest risk of perpetrating the act of sexual molestation in school; most students, especially the male children who fall in the category of secondary school or tertiary level and have already indulged themselves in the act of alcohol and drug addiction causing them to have high moral that they can perpetrate such obnoxious act on their fellow student and get away with it without any form of persecution.

Another cause is that those students who are experiencing home violence or case of child abuse right from childhood from home are more likely to engage in sexual molestation when they are in school than their fellow students because they feel that it is the right thing to do. After all, they have lived with that mentality. In addition, as they say, "Birds of the same feathers fly together." Imagine someone brought up in a good home; he will not follow bad friends in school as his/her peer group. 

Definitely, if he does, he would be badly influenced by them and can be easily manipulated to engage them in committing sexual molestation and end up convincing them that what they are doing is the right thing to do. Lastly, still, on the cause of sexual molestation, let us talk about the male lecturers. Most of them cannot control the sexual urges and desires they have toward females. They will now threaten the female students that they are going to fail them in the subject they teach if they cannot succumb to their sexual urge and indulge in the act with them.

Mostly many female students who would not want to fail would give in to the act. Even though the force was not applied here, the act of sexual molestation was carried out manipulatively because no student would willingly agree to such activities from their teacher without a threat. The teacher would also tell them not to say any word to anyone. Of course, you and I know that everything must surely have an effect, be it positive or negative. Now they are a lot of ways I am going to show you how sexually molesting a child in school can greatly impact the child negatively.

📌One psychological effect of sexual molestation in schools is that it may lead to depression, which is a mood disorder or feeling of sadness, thereby resulting in a lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to see a better future. A student who has passed through sexual molestation in school will surely feel unhappy and start degrading himself as being worthless, thereby losing hope in his/her future ambition and may even want to commit suicide.

📌Another psychological effect of sexual molestation is that it can lead to anxiety which is an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, nervousness, and obsession about some uncertain event. A student who has been sexually molested would start having this feeling of restlessness because he/she feels nowhere is safe and would start making up stories because their mental state of thinking then is just awkward.

To add to this, trauma which is an emotional wound leading to psychological injury resulting from violence, can cause great distress to one experiencing it. Students who have gone through his act of sexual molestation are most likely bound to have psychological effects from it because force and violence were applied, which can trigger them emotionally, resulting in distress. Now I want to bring you the physical effects of sexual molestation on the student. Like the definition of sexual molestation goes, it includes the use of force; imagine someone at age 20 forcefully wanting to have sex with someone of age 12.

📌Looking at the age difference, one can imagine the degree of strength the older person would infuse on the younger one, causing the younger one to bleed from the sexual organs due to fear and scar as a result of the force used. In any case, the internal organ may get damaged and may result in the death of the younger one.

📌Also, the younger one can be infected, especially if it is a female child. The female child can be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases like vaginitis can be reported due to a lack of sufficient vaginal fluid. I want to bring to you ways we can guard against sexual molestation in schools. 

📌One of the ways to guard against it is by identifying the myths and facts about it. Why do I say so? Most students are likely to have been sexually abused at home or by someone they trust. In most cases, they are scared to open up to their parents or guardians. This gets to the extent that it affects them psychologically, yet they keep it to themselves, and when they come to school, they feel emotionally deserted. Some will want to try it out on their fellow student they can overpower.

The best way out of this on this part is for parents to develop a parents-children relationship, especially the mothers. They should be so close to their children, especially the female children. Mothers should know the in and out of their female daughters and be able to see when they are in danger or not emotionally okay. They should talk to their children with love and imbibe in them to speak to them about anything that they do not know and also ask questions about anything they are yet to understand.

📌Another way to guard against sexual molestation is for students to get enlightened and educated on sexual education from primary school so that whenever they get involved in the case of sexual molestation, they would be able to speak out and seek intervention from someone older and also teach them how to speak out to their parents whenever they get involved in cases like that. 

Why it is advisable to educate them from primary schools is because when you teach them at an early stage, you are imbibing the qualities and characters they would grow up with because when they are much older, it is just as if you are forcing them to change what is already part and parcel of them. It is best to teach them about sexual education and consent before they get to the puberty stage so that they would be mindful and self-aware and grow up with a good attitude, morals, ideals, and values.

📌In addition, students need to be equipped on what action to take when in such kind of situation. They need to know from the consent that it is best to ask for consent from the person instead of using force, thereby sexually molesting the person. Also, it is good to teach and educate the student on the best action they can put on when they see their fellow student involved in such a dangerous activity. 

This teaching will imbibe in them the responsibility of looking out for one another and curbing the harmful act in school. This empowers the students to be the solution to their problems and makes those who are already into it turn a new leaf and hold it as a priority that "consent" should be a necessity. 

📌More so, students can form a group that will be in charge of enlightening the students on how to guard against sexual molestation. A lot of students have been involved in sexual molestation in school, especially by the older ones, their peers that can overpower them, and sometimes their teachers. When such action is being carried out in the school, the victims are threatened not to speak to anyone about what transpired. The perpetrators can even threaten to kill them and therefore put them in then the fear of speaking out.

What am I saying, in essence? In the case where a school has such a group whereby students are enlightened on sexual education, such a child or rather such a student would be trained on how to speak out in the group about his/her encounter. The student can also mention the perpetrator's name if they remember and narrate how he/she is being threatened.

Although, at first, it is not going to be easy for a student who is a victim of sexual molestation to speak up, especially among his/her friend. First and foremost, the group or organization set up by the school should set up a No 1 rule that whatever any student says in the group should not turn out to be an insult or a means of mockery to them in the school or society. They should not be stigmatized because of their awful experiences.

📌Finally, the government and school authorities, especially, should put a very serious law on persecuting perpetrators of sexual molestation. When these perpetrators see the punishment they will face, they will back off, and such acts would reduce. These laws should not only be made but also implemented with all seriousness. School authorities should not cover up vicious acts in their schools. Any case reported to them, whether it is a teacher on a student or a student on his/her fellow student, should be exposed and brought to justice with immediate effect. With these few points, I know when we follow these methods, the rate of sexual molestation in schools will die off slowly.

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