How I Embarrassed Obim In The Room

A story I don't like telling. Had anyone told me that this embarrassment would lead to losing the only man I love so much...

Dear friends, this is my story. A story I hate telling. It's a part of my life I detest so much. I wish it never happened. I grew up in a family of twelve___dad and a mom with ten siblings. Our family is the type we call POLYGAMY. Mum was the third wife of my father. You know how much families used to be. There were so many responsibilities, especially for dad. Most times, I'd wish I could help in alleviating the task for him.

Seeing the situation of the family, after my junior secondary education, I volunteered to help mum in her petty business. Mum would always put some fresh vegetables for me on the tray to hawk around the market while she sold the bigger portion in her small kiosk. I continued helping mum in my own little way. The profits from both sales weren't much, but to some extent, we could feed at least two square meals. Not like the other wives and children weren't contributing, but they care less.

After some months into the hawking business, mum called me one evening and said, "My daughter, I would want you to go and join my brother in the city, so you can complete your secondary education." "Even if it's only one of my children that becomes a graduate, I'll be happy, she continued." After listening to her words that evening, I couldn't sleep throughout the whole night. I kept thinking and crying as the thought of leaving my own family to that of another man kept flooding my head, giving me a sleepless night.

But before we had that discussion, our junior secondary result was out, and I was among the students that merited the next stage, SENIOR SECONDARY EDUCATION. I know it was because of this reason mum had wanted me to go join her brother in the city. Though I was always happy when it came to education, why should mum make me stay away from them because of that? Why should I leave my family just because of education? The thought of it always makes me weep.

The said date arrived, and I started gathering the few clothes I had. Not too long, I was done with my packing. I bade dad and my siblings farewell with tears in my eyes. It was like I would never see them again. I left with mum to the park. There in the park, mum contacted his brother, telling him I was on my way. Our vehicle got filled, and we drove off. Throughout the ride, I couldn't help but cry as I remembered leaving my family. The only family I've known and loved. "Guide and protect them for me, heavenly father." I prayed silently in my heart.

After some hours of driving, our vehicle came to a halt. I alighted and began looking around to see if I would see uncle Peter (my mum's brother?), as already discussed. From the other side of the road, I sighted him. He waved and signaled that I should cross over and join him in his Mercedes Benz so we could journey to his place. Inside his vehicle, I couldn't help admiring the beauty of this large city___lagos. It was unlike our village, where bicycles were mostly the means of transportation for many. Uncle peter bought some snacks for me as we briefly discussed the village and my family.

Recalling I had just left them, I started crying again. Uncle offered me a handkerchief to wipe my tears as he patted my back to calm me down. Not long after, we arrived at his residence. I alighted from the vehicle after the gateman had opened the gate. Wow! "this is a big house you've got, uncle." I haven't seen such in my entire life. As I was still lost in my admiration for the house, a young lady walked up to us and said, 'Welcome home.' I presume she's uncle's wife. I greeted her as she led the way to the entrance. I followed her with my uncle behind. We got inside the house, and I was taken to my room upstairs.

The room was a very big one; I couldn't help admiring everything inside it. Everything was perfectly decorated. As I was still looking around, I heard a knock on the door, and before I could answer, the door was flung open already as two hefty men came rushing towards my direction. One of the men had a gun in his hands. The only place I had seen that type of gun was in a movie at a friend's house(in my village). "Who are you? What do you want? What's happening?" I kept screaming as the two men dragged me out of the room.

To be continued...

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