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How I Sacrificed My Virginity...

My Story, My Life, My Secret ! HOW I SACRIFICED MY VIRGINITY AT THE SECRET ALTAR. A true Life Story✍️

Every person you see today moving around represents a particular Altar ~Favour Uchendu; May 2022 made it 18 years since I was kidnapped and was brought before an altar for ritual slaughtering because they found out I was a virgin. Things went sour when they found out I was a greater Altar.

Fasten your belt as you read through; you need it. After a one-year strike by the Anambra Education board during the regime of governor Mbadinuju, I decided to change to another school because I was not confident in writing West African Examination Council Exams( WAEC) as a science student.

We were made to stay at home for a year; after the long strike, we were asked to prepare to write the final SSCE Exams(WAEC). I was enrolled in another school by my parents. I repeated SS2 before writing my SSCE exams. It happened that my new school was not accredited for WAEC, and we happened to be the first set to write WAEC in the school(Fr. Paul Memorial Secondary School Awka-Etiti). The school Administration resolved to register us with another school that was accredited to write SSCE. Before the official date of the examination, we moved over to the school to join them to write pre -WAEC examinations; this is to get acquainted with the examinations since it is different from our regular school examinations.

Everything was in order as we were getting ready for our examinations, full of enthusiasm, faith, and optimism that everything was going to work out for our good. A few days before our Physics practical examination, I was told that my dad had come home and I should come home to pick up provisions and other things he bought for me. I went back home in excitement to get those provisions because I needed them. After I had gotten the provisions from home, I was supposed to return to school on Saturday; unfortunately, I started feeling feverish. I have to suspend traveling back on Saturday so that my ill health can be properly taken care of. After Sunday service, I was ready to travel back to school; my brother accompanied me to the park.

Not quite long, our vehicle took off; I was led to conduct a prayer section on the bus, which I did. As we continued the journey, people started alighting at their various landmarks; mine was meant to be the last location where the vehicle would finally park, so I was not bothered. Suddenly I felt unrest slightly. I looked around and discovered that there were five passengers left (three males and two females) out of 14 passengers the vehicle was meant to accommodate. I was slightly at peace again while the journey continued. Suddenly, the driver diverted to a certain route I was not familiar with. I had to question the driver, and he said he was going to buy fuel since it was Sunday and most nearby filling stations would be closed. 

Meanwhile, the remaining five persons were calm and quiet. I ignored them because I minded my business. When I noticed there was a problem was when after 20-30minutes, we were still traveling on a very lonely road, and there was no sign filling station around; the road looked like an abandoned property because all the land was covered with bush. By then, I was afraid, and I called the driver's attention again.

Me: Oga, where are you going? You said you wanted to buy fuel, and for more than 20 minutes now, we have not seen anything that looked like a building, not to think of the fuel station.

Driver: called one of the ladies names and asked her to handle that "rat" I was referred to as "rat."

Before I could turn my head to see the faces of those on the bus with me, the next thing I saw was thunderous stars as a result of the hot oil slap one of the ladies gave me. I couldn't raise my face or my head at that moment because of the effect of the slap. The next thing I felt was my eyes and mouth were tightly tied by one of the guys.

This was happening around 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm; that was the last time I checked my time before my eyes were tied. The only thing I had left was my spirit, my mind, my soul, and my body. I started crying, weeping, and traveling with my mind asking God to help me and save me. The vehicle kept moving, I could feel the movement, but I couldn't see where we were going. I just called on God in my heart and kept quiet as they continued to move inside to an unknown place.

After some hours, they stopped and untied me. I struggled to open my eyes which I later did, and that was when I noticed that it was dark already. Everywhere was dark and full of bush. I managed to check the time; it was 8 pm. God of Mercy, help me; I cried in my heart because they assured me that even if I shouted that no one would hear me and see me. I decided to save my strength for the battle ahead. They brought me down from the bus with my school bag; one of them left at that point(one of the ladies) while the remaining three took me on another 1hour foot journey inside the thick forest.

Around 9:00 pm, we arrived at a place in that forest where there was a bungalow without painting, just the blocks and the roof without windows or outlets. They opened the door and pushed me inside as they also joined me immediately; they padlocked the door with a giant key. As all these were happening, I was still calm, without being afraid. Immediately they came in, I stood aside and noticed close to the door that there was a calabash( small pot) with a red cloth, smokes coming out of it, a pure cleaned white handkerchief, and different colors of the candle were used to surround it. 

That was my first time seeing different types of candles; till today, I have never seen that kind of color I saw that night. They asked me to stand by the side of their nonsense and useless alter, which I did; one of them stepped into the circle of that alter, carried the pot, and started calling all sorts of names. I was calmly watching. After 10 minutes of their incantations, he looked at me and started speaking as if he was sweating like a burnt offering. Their priest said, "she is the only daughter of her parents, her father is a businessman, she is bright and intelligent, and Spiritually stubborn. She is a first-class virgin (my first time hearing first-class virgin, though); we have nothing to lose; she is very fresh and will give huge money too."

He continued, "her mother is a powerful woman, very powerful, and she is taking after her mother. But this is not a problem we can handle." When he finished speaking, he came out from their altar and opened the ceiling of the building, and brought out guns. He asked that I move forward; one of them pointed at one side of the room and asked me, what did you see? I looked up and answered him; dirty mattress. He slapped me and told me that they were not here for a joke. He said to me, listen, girl; you are gone and gone forever. What we are here to do is to rape you, deflowered you, and get your blood with this white handkerchief, and for life, you shall be useless. You might die in the process if you try to stress us. I was deeply pained in my spirit hearing all these; I said to my spirit being; I would rather choose to die than be raped by these smelling sacrifices of an unknown god.

They asked me to go and lie down on the mattress there, I looked at them and opened my mouth, and God spoke not me; none of you will dare touch this body if not get ready to die here. Tears rolled down as I said that; my spirit was broken, and my soul was fainting. But immediately, I felt a stronger power within me; I received unknown strength and power. They were still looking at me as I cleaned up my tears; I told them again, this time without tears; in a strong and bold voice, I said: you do not know who you brought here. If you know the person is sitting here with you, you won't try any rubbish with me. Your God did not tell you that "I AM AN ALTAR. "If you doubt it, try carrying out what you plan to do.

I was even shocked I was saying those things because I could not understand what I was saying. I felt God was there with me. One of them got angry and raised his gun to shut me; the lady stopped him, then he approached me with a knife threatening to cut my cloth, though he couldn't do that. Immediately, their supposed priest called them; they followed him and entered the next dark room next to where they kept me. As all that was happening, I was seriously thinking about what to do and how to escape. Everywhere was sealed and locked; I am in the middle forest; how will I ever escape? I checked what time it was; it was 11 pm. As They entered the next room, they started discussing, though I could barely hear them. My spirit man was energized.

Their priest told them that the truth is that they cannot rape this girl alive. She is surrounded by a greater power. She represents another Greater Altar. We need to find our way to kill her before we rape her so we can get her stained blood with this handkerchief; if not, we are doomed. She is an Alter. The least asked her: so what are we waiting for? Let's waste her so we guys can get what we came for and get out of here before 5 am. Their priest told them that he was waiting for midnight( 12 midnight).

Immediately I heard midnight; I knew this was a serious battle; my life and destiny were at stake; it was beyond a joke. From what I had heard, I decided to act fast; if not, I would be dead by midnight. I overheard them laughing; I decided to get closer to their alter and looked at it again. Immediately, I heard a voice that said to me, Favour, you are an Altar; she represents a greater Alter, they said. I felt a strong push from my back, and the next thing I saw was me in the middle of their altar. I heard a thick voice for the first time in my life "RAISE AN ALTAR IN HERE AND GET UP IMMEDIATELY."

I was confused because raising the altar inside their altar with what? How? Oh, God, I was not clear on what to do. I was just doing what was coming to my mind at that time; I picked my small Bible from my bag while knelt at the center of their altar and started crying. I lacked words; I lacked prayers; I couldn't even sing. All I remembered I managed to do was to tell God that I was raising an Altar of righteousness and purity here. That I nullify this altar and elect an Altar of light and deliverance. I sincerely told God, since what these people want is my virginity, I told God that I sacrificed my body, my virginity, to this altar I raised here now. If He(God) will save me here by midnight, I will honor with my body till marriage. I came out from where I was kneeling and remembered that my mother normally prays every midnight too.

Immediately, I cleaned my eyes and decided to talk to God as a daughter. I managed to face the direction of my house in the spirit and spoke to God with a blood voice. I said to Him, "I am a seed of righteousness and purity; I can never be wasted like this, NEVER GOD. "My mother will be awake by midnight to pray, as usual; she will specifically pray for me because she supposed I am in school preparing for an exam the next day. For as long as I can remember, midnight prayer was and still is her daily ritual. Even today, my mother still prays for midnight prayer. And anytime she wants to pray, she wakes everyone up, whether you understand the prayer point or not, so we were groomed to always say midnight prayers.

As I remember that the timing was the issue here, my captors said by midnight they would waste me, and by that same midnight, my mother would be awake to pray, as usual, this is a dangerous time for both these people and me, and I must get ready because by midnight I MUST leave here. I cried and said to God, "if you are the same God that my mother has been calling every night, I want to leave here by midnight. If I die, let me die out there, not here. Let me drop this before I forget; in case you do not know, even the devil works with time. 

Midnight is when destinies are made or destroyed. Midnight is when kings are made; gates are taken, rules are made; a lot of things happen at midnight. Yet some of us do not know it. Back to my story, as I was talking to God, they came out; I checked the time it was 10 minutes to midnight. I made sure I was facing the direction of my father's house. Their priest came to me and asked me; what did you do here? I told him nothing; I just prayed. He laughed, and he mocked me, saying, you still have time and energy to pray? Well, I said it, you are highly possessed; well, any moment from now, you will join other stubborn flies.

Immediately it was a minute to midnight; I heard myself telling them I wanted to urinate. The lady among them was like, urinate here, you witch. Since we came in here, you never remembered to urinate but now. One of the guys told them to give him a touch light so that he would show me the light outside the door to urinate. As that was going on, I knew that God had come to rescue me; I did not bother picking anything, including my sandals, no need. My time of freedom is here," I said" This is a journey of life and death; anything that will weigh me down now should wait.

He opened the door, Shone the light to the right part of the bush; though very close to the door, he commanded me to stay there and urinate. As he stood there looking away with his light pointing in another direction, I took off if I die, now if I survive, now. I started running through the thick forest in darkness; I didn't know where I was running to. I didn't care if there were pit, hole, or trap ahead of me; all I was interested in was running away from those evil people; either I lived, or I perished in the thick forest. I can hear them running after me with their touch and the sounds of gunshot following. It was a race of destiny, and I must try my best I have prayed and called God; He came down to me, and I have a part to play. To flee! That was the time. That was the day the pillar of fire in the Bible made sense to me, as I was running, non-stopped, using my hands to clear trees and things in front of me so that I could see where I was running to. I saw myself flying and jumping at the same time as I was running ahead of them; they were seriously after me. God of mercy, I am crying again; I was.

God made way for me in the forest to be a plain land and a thick night to be daylight. I can still remember that the moon started moving in front of me as I was running; I decided to follow the moon because I knew that God was in front of me and behind me. I ran for three good hours until I came out to a place four roads were dividing each other; on one side of the road was a big bamboo tree. I hurriedly ran into the bamboo tree; as I was there hiding, they came out from the same bush too to the roads; seeing the four roads, they became confused about which road to follow. I was holding my breath, not to breathe loud because they were searching and shining their touch to know if they would see anything that would give them a signal on which way I followed.

As they couldn't pinpoint the exact direction to follow, they started blaming themselves for allowing me to go out and ease myself. Their priest told them, this girl is not like ordinary girls they do pick; I told you guys this girl represents a greater Altar, he said. They decided to disappear from there because this kind of girl can be more dangerous if she can escape from this forest unharmed, she can do every other thing. They turned back and left; I breathed in relief, I waited for some minutes, and after 39minutes, I stood up, then it was 3:35 am. I followed one of the roads and continued to walk, but I noticed that where I was heading was another thick bush. I saw a white house ahead of me as. I was still moving toward the house when I overheard someone call my name. I turned to see who called me, and all I heard was go back now, or you enter into bigger trouble. God!

By that time, I was so tired, almost fainting; I turned back immediately and returned to the junction that leads to other roads. I just decided to walk straight; whatever I see will never be bigger than what I had seen already; that was what I told myself as I started singing. The singing made me stronger, I was not sure of where I was going, but my joy was that I was free from those blood-sucking demons. As I was still moving, I looked by the right side of my hand and saw another building, I followed it, and it led me to someone's gate. I knocked, and a Hausa gateman came out and opened the gate for me without asking me any questions.

By then, it was 5:05 am; immediately I got inside the compound, I lay down and used my last strength to praise My great Deliverer; my song that night was; WHAT A MIGHTY GOD I SERVE, HEAVEN AND EARTH ADORE HIM, ANGELS BOW BEFORE HIM WHAT A MIGHTY I SERVE. I kept singing as the gateman was there looking at me; An elderly woman came out and asked her gateman, "Who is singing that song, and who is she? Unfortunately, her gateman could not answer that question because he did not even know how he opened the gate for me. The woman came down where I was lying down and lifted me: that was when she noticed I was heavily sweating, with no shoes on my legs, a rough face, and some part of my skirt that was torn during the destiny race.

She asked me, Who are you? Where are you coming from like this? I still couldn't answer her because I couldn't believe what had just happened; I was still in shock, in tears as I was still singing. She took me upstairs and made tea for me because I could not stand because of tiredness. After I had the tea, she asked if I wanted to bathe. I nodded in affirmation; the woman took me to a bathroom, where I took my bath. She gave me another skirt to wear, by which her family had come up for morning prayer. When they saw me, they were like, who is this? They are all grown ladies and boys, though. That was when their mother asked me if I was ready to tell them who I was. I said yes! I hurriedly told them what happened and how I ended up in their house, and where I was going.

The woman shouted, JESUS! Do you mean this happened yesterday and today? I said yes. She said to me of truth; you're an Altar. She cried and hugged me and told me that for many months now, young girls of my age have been missing around this neighboring town. Almost every day, you will hear news of a girl missing and never found again. She also told me that from where I called, they diverted to where my school was, and to this place is in a different location, five different villages and towns. She just concluded by telling me; that you are saved today for a purpose; if you miss it, you have yourself to blame. She promised to take me back to school after prayer since I was meant to write a physics practical that morning.

After prayer, they took me back to my school. When I entered the school, I could not speak to anyone. My classmates were asking if I was okay; someone said I looked pale. Are you okay? This is your favorite subject, remember, just be happy. I entered my room, changed, and followed them to the exam hall. I managed to write but could not write well, I managed to focus, but I kept seeing myself running in the thick night in the forest alone. Tears rolled down my chicks, but I managed to write the little I could and submitted it.

After that incident, I went back to my local church altar immediately after my exam and surrendered my life to God first. That was my first time saying to God, I give you this life, manage it, and be my God forever. I also told God to help me keep my body from destruction and pollution. Meaning that I vowed to keep my body till marriage. No touching, no testing, and no peeping, no second of any kind. Purity of mind, soul, and body became my watchword and lifestyle. Was it easy? Not at all, but grace was made available to me from the day I made that decision.

This is quite a long story, I will stop here, but I hope you have learned from my stories so far. Now the reason why I spent my time telling you this story is because I need you to understand the cost of the bet the devil has placed on your virginity. And for you to also know that God has greater respect for your body. God did not save me to keep quiet; God did not save me to condemn the deliverance He gave to me on a platter of Gold even when I never deserved it. He saved me from standing out and speaking about it. Virginity is not a scam but a lifestyle.

If you do not know that you are an Altar, you will be deceived by scammers that virginity means nothing. If the devil can do anything to get you defiled and polluted, if the devil can play a day won't you wise up enough to know that your virginity is the best gift you give to yourself, not anyone else? God values chastity the same as the devil; God respects virginity, and so does the devil; you should know it's a battle of destiny, not just keeping it for a man or woman.

How can you allow yourself to be defiled by an unknown altar? Knowing that you represent a greater alter just because you want to enjoy a temporary pleasure that will destroy your destiny? If you understand that sex is a spiritual communion between a husband and wife, you should not allow any scammer to deceive you that virginity is a scam. Let me still remind you that virginity is a lifestyle, not a title; if you think there are no more virgins in the world today, let me shock you by telling you that we have more virgins than non-virgins in the world, irrespective of what the world is turning into today. 

Choose your battle wisely and maintain the altar you represent. You represent a greater Alter. I am now relieved in my spirit because anytime I want to tell this story, I see myself crying and weeping_ asking God who is mine and that He saved me. I can tell this life story anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

God delivered me for a purpose, not for show, and I am living out that purpose page by page. For those people, I have sincerely prayed for their souls and asked God to forgive and bring them back to His divine alter too. For those who made up their lives to remain virgins until marriage but were victims of rape in one way or the other, I pray to God to give you the heart and mind to forgive. And may you receive your healing and move on.

Thank you for reading.

©Favour Uchndu

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