How The Nigerian Educational System Can Be Improved From It’s Current State.

This piece elucidate how Nigerian educational system can be improve from its current state of flopping do well to delve into it's oceans.

Education is said to be the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world; education is an important medium for acquiring essential knowledge and skills. It is more than just learning from the book; it is said that education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself. Education is an essential tool that is very useful in everybody's life; it's what differentiates us from other living beings. We can say that education has helped Nigeria thus far; education is the pillar that holds our dear nation, without which the country would have collapsed. But this needs some restructuring.

Though Nigeria is a developing country, the educational system in Nigeria can best be described in tandem with infrastructural decay and distasteful condition of service. Poor funding from the government, lack of qualified teachers, inadequate classrooms, and education malpractices cannot be untold. These factors contributed immensely to the Nigerian education system's failure, flop, blunder, etc. Detailed analysis will be made on the myriad causes of this state of dilemma and prospective ways the Nigerian educational system can be improved.

One of the major causes of the Nigerian educational system's failure and the flop is poor implementation by the government. It was vividly observed that there is poor implementation by the government. Though the government administration has good intentions, it's obvious that they are good planners but bad executors, which has made Nigerian education fail and blunder. For instance, a policy was made by lawmakers to improve the educational system in Niger state, but after the enactment of such a law, the policy was not executed. What do you expect in such a state? The educational system will keep flopping and blundering to a drastic level.

Sequent, to buttress the point above, it was read on the news that a chairman of a local government in the same Niger state was sharing thousands of naira with his constituency as a dividend of democracy, though this is a good intention; however, what saddens my heart was that the level of the educational system of the same local government is flopping, because, during my tour to this area, I saw students receiving lectures under a tree, due to inadequate classrooms. This is because education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Based on priorities, education should come first in the government scale of preference, and other things will be added.

Another major cause why the Nigerian educational system is flopping is the unemployment of graduates. This is because the manifest function and intended purpose why more schools, colleges, polytechnics, and universities were created were to make the country self-sufficient in manpower, but this has led to unemployment, as there are many graduates without corresponding jobs. This certainly led to the popular saying and slogan, "school nah scam," and also the most trending saying; "if I do master degree make I bend. It's no longer news that job opportunities in Nigeria are limited to the population of manpower; this has been the unintended effects of social action (establishing educational system).."

As aforementioned above, inadequate classrooms and teaching aids are another reason why the Nigerian educational system is flopping and deteriorating. In the story cited above, where pupils were studying under a tree, it's due to inadequate classrooms, when there are no infrastructures and teachings aids like computers, laboratories, etc., it will make the student feel very reluctant to learn. And also this has been another reason some Nigerian are illiterate because only 5% of those who are determined and have focus can endure the scorching of the sun.

In addition, poor funding from the government cannot be untold. When the government is not willing to spend on the education sector, what do you expect? There is no way the educational system can stand; it will definitely collapse. The Nigerian government is not willing to pump more revenue into the education sector; for instance, in the 2020 national budget, the education sector had the least amount of government expenditure with about 23%, which means they do not care. Stakeholders and parastatals are embezzling the small money allocated to the sector. This has made the Nigerian education sector wash out, botch, and blunder. 

 Also, education malpractice is one of Nigeria's myriad causes of educational system failure. Students don't read anymore for exams because they get answers to "unseen" questions within the twinkle of an eye. This has made the Nigerian be declining in values and standards because students now have shortcuts to academic success. Other causes of educational system failure in Nigeria include; lack of qualified teachers, corruption, lack of will to learn by students, strikes, cultism, etc.

The aforementioned above causes, these factors are making the Nigerian educational system decline, flopping, and deteriorate, with negative effects on the entire system. However, the pertinent question remains; how can the Nigerian educational system be improved from its current state of flopping?

Firstly, one of the ways the Nigerian educational system can be improved from its current state is by increasing funding to the education sector. Suppose the government increases its expenditure on the education sector. In that case, certainly, there will be growth and development in the sector, and there will be enough educational infrastructures, teaching aids like computers, laboratories, libraries, etc. This will give the pupils happiness and willingness to go to school; likewise, it will make work easier for tutors since there are teaching aids.

More so, to improve the Nigerian educational system, qualified teachers must be employed and enrolled. The government must take it as a responsibility to see that teachers and tutors employed in schools are qualified teachers who are sound in academics with certain qualifications. Through this, the quality teachers will be able to transfer their knowledge to the students. But when there are no qualified teachers, what do you expect? The student will be a dullard. Therefore, by employing and enrolling qualified teachers, the Nigerian educational system can be improved.

Also, to improve the Nigerian educational system from its current state of flopping, there must be no or low levels of examination malpractices. The government can achieve this by establishing a committee to set up security agencies to supervise external examinations like the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO). For instance, the National Examination Council (NECO) enrolled Nigerian Defence Corps to supervise NECO exams across the 36 states of the federation. If other examination bodies can also employ this, it has a long way to go in improving and protecting the Nigerian education system's dignity and heritage with standards and values.

In addition, to improve the Nigerian educational system from its current state, more vocational and technical centers must be established. With what has stated earlier that the Nigerian population is now more than a means to an end, using the Malthus theory in economics, he said; "while the country is population is moving in geometric progression {2,4,6}, the means to an end is moving in arithmetic progression {1,2,3}. From the above analysis, the increment in population and a means to an end don't correlate, thus leading to unemployment. However, if the government establishes vocational studies and centers in schools, it has a long way to go in improving the Nigerian education system.

Furthermore, free education can also be a solution to the Nigerian educational system's current state; this will serve as a dividend of democracy to the populace and the masses. If this is done, it will limit the illiteracy level in the country, thus, making the masses elite. Several administrations of government have done it in the time past; notable among them are; the Awolowo free education scheme of 1955/1956 for the whole western region, Chief Bola Ige's free education scheme in the same western region, and the current one in the western region are Engr. Seyi Makinde free education scheme in Oyo state. These free education schemes have led to the region's development; if this can be employed generally, the Nigerian educational system will improve.

As aforementioned above, regular review of the school's curriculum to adopt new topics should not be left out. There is a saying that "the most constant thing in life is change" the world is changing every day, and also, things are changing. So also, there must be a regular review of the school's curriculum to adopt new topics to upgrade from archaic and barbaric school curricula. If this is not in check, the educational system will be flopping. Therefore, this is also an important measure to improve the Nigerian educational system. Other solutions include; avoiding any means of a strike, avoiding cultism among students, erasing corruption and corruption, etc.

In conclusion, education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Education is the pillar that holds a country's future; therefore, let's build on it as a country. My assertions above are a possible way out, out of this dilemma, flopping the Nigerian educational system.

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