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How The Party Went

How Nigerians react to the crash in economy. Who is to blame for our problems??

Can stand In the long line and the sunshine in that corner and a long stance we take to seated in front to get the best of the meal 
What gets to us..
Only an insight to the fashion of how meals look like 
What do we see
An uprise of a rampage determined by our disunity 
We let our insecurities hold us and we fight 
Aren't we supposed to be one and live as one??
Are we not supposed to be a people and not crippled??
What make a community without people and what makes us a team without us
We have destroyed our oneness and we claim to be the balm
We've destroyed the cake and we claim to be bakers 
We've destroyed the serenity and we claim to be quite as prefects taking names for noise makers
Now we all don't get to eat the meal 

What have we done to ourselves??
What have me taken our selves into 
We are neck deep in our own demines and we blame the culture 
We blame the status we blame whoever is right beside us 
We blame our resources or leader or even the colour of our money
Whom we forget to blame is ourselves 
Who has the faulty in us is us 

We put the party crash on our leaders 
Our community will stand isf we stand for our community 
Let's develop our responsibility for our community and see how the party would look like
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