How The Saying " Ghana Must Go" Metamorphosed

A journey to 1960 circa...It does not surprise the word " Ghana must go" has been overused in Nigerians' lexicon.

This clause is used to refer to a bag apt for carrying loads and serving as luggage for most travelers who can't afford the sumptuous traveler's bag or prefer it to the luxurious ones. So how does the saying metamorphose? I will like to take us down memory lane, as well as jog up our memory in the process of absorbing this educative piece. Owing to the prevalence of some turbulence activities caused in Ghana by the military junta, the economy of the country became gloomy and less viable. In the wake of this, some citizens of the country had to search for greener pastures, of which Nigeria happened to be a probable pasture.

Why did they choose Nigeria?

Nigeria's economy was very buoyant under the leadership of Murtala Ramat Muhammed/ Olusegun Obasanjo. In fact, it was a period people tagged as " money isn't the problem, but how to spend the money is the problem." This was what led to the emigration of many Ghanaians to Nigeria. The majority of these people were illegal immigrants who later participated in causing riots, exuding indiscipline, and vandalization in Nigeria.

A typical example was the Kano riot of 1980 led by the Maitatsine and another Extremist immigrant from Ghana. The riot led to the death of many Christians and others wounded in Kano. Reacting to this, the president of Nigeria then, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, gave an order for the expulsion of all the illegal immigrants from Nigeria in 1983, of which Ghanaians dominated the population.

The incipience of the clause was when the Street of Lagos was bustling with the Ghanaians who were ready to leave Nigeria for their motherland - Ghana. The furious Lagosians began to vociferate - " Ghanaian must go" while they were packing their belongings in a bag. Since then, the bag used by the Ghanaians to pack their loads while leaving is referred to as "GHANA MUST GO."



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