How To Find Your Target Audience On Facebook

Why is it so important to get in front of your target audience on Facebook?

There are roughly over one billion monthly active users on Facebook. Huge number to tap into when you’re marketing. But… the reality is that only a fraction of those users will be interested in what you have to say.

Getting in front of your target audience allows you to tailor your Facebook content and sales posts for maximum impact.

By strategically targeting the most valuable people on Facebook for you, you can leverage it to boost your results and convert more users from followers to customers with ease.

To find your target audience, do this;

Clarify who you’re trying to reach with audience personas:

  • Map out your ideal audience’s broad demographic information.
  • Identify your ideal audience's pain points and challenges
  • Define your ideal audience goals and aspirations

Gather insights on your industry leaders’ audience:

  • Are the majority of their followers, buyers male or female, and what are the age demographics? How does location spread them?
  • What kind of social media users is following them? E.g., study accounts in the same business as you—high profile accounts with 10k+ followers, smaller accounts too that are within your level.
  • How engaged are these followers? What are the engagement rates? What are their community engagement rates?

Harness the power of social listening:

When engaging, pay attention to what your ideal audience is saying.

  • What is your ideal audience asking?
  • What are they commenting on?
  • What are they agreeing/disagreeing with, and why?

You can get insights on this by leveraging social tools and websites such as Hootsuite and

Don’t forget…

  • Review your own insights to understand your current audience
  • Run surveys in your stories and timeline to ask your audience questions to let you know more about them.
  • Tap into niche and community hashtags that are relevant to your target audience, and engage with groups and big accounts that have similar followers to your ideal target audience.
  • Leverage on location metrics to find users and customers nearer to your area and location.

You sound more confident when you’re sure of who you are serving, and your marketing strategy becomes more productive.

This 2022, set smart goals for your business, with this being one of them.

To your success!

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