How To Increase Your Productivity Through Proper Time Management

I get it; you’ve got a lot on your plate; emails, voicemails, paperwork, personal life, family life, and many other things you need to tick off the pending list.

Everything is piled up waiting for your attention, and you’re wondering how you can be an accessible and responsible individual; husband, wife, child, student, employee, or employer and still accomplish your highest priority goals. Here’s the solution: proper time management. Time management is the discipline of organizing, allocating, and controlling time in such a way as to achieve your desired results.

Benefits of Proper Time Management

• It makes you explicit about what you allocate your time to.

• It makes you devote energy and attention to activities that are paramount to your objectives and goals.

• It eliminates distractions.

• It helps in avoiding stress and burnout, which result from overtasking.

• It improves your performance.

• It increases your productivity.

• It helps you tutor others.

Practical Steps

• Identify and prioritize your goals.

Classify your goals into critical and not so important. Make your critical goals paramount.

• Break your critical goals into the various task and prioritize the task from the most important to the least.

• Analyze how you spend your time.

Create an activity log on how you spend your time. From the activity, log and prioritize your activities based on your goals. What activity is goal friendly?

• Identify time wasters.

• Schedule time more effectively.

• Monitor and improve your time management strategies.

• Have an accountability partner.

• Balance the demand between your work and personal life.

Proper time management yields the desired results. Time is Money!

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