How To Know You Are Ready For Marriage.

How to Know You Are Ready for Marriage: Getting married, or thinking of marriage? Then read this.

Marriage is a major phase in the life of every youth, some people prepare for just the wedding, not the marriage. The average youth just concentrates on the fantasies of marriage, forgetting that nothing good is achieved without consistent efforts and wisdom from an individual. Have you thought of the rate of divorce in the world today, the infidelity that destroys the home, the wayward and uncultured children poorly trained by parents? Aside from the fantasies, dance steps, picnic on the beach, and other enjoyment, can you do the necessary things expected in marriage? While you think deeply, let us consciously go through these points that will guide your thoughts to know if you are ready for marriage.

The first point is being grounded in your faith. This is the best starting for a man or woman that intends to get married soon. Anyone that cannot lay hold firmly on his/her belief in God is not prepared for marriage. This is true because, in the course of your dating and marriage, the storm will come, persecution will rise from people around you, and largely your faith will be tested. If you cannot stand strongly on your faith despite the trials, how will you be stable in your decisions? When the blind leads the blind, they will fall into a ditch.

When you are blind as regards your faith, there is every tendency that you will get engaged to the wrong person and then you will both come to a disastrous end no one will want this even your enemy, so do well to be sure of your faith. If you have the confidence of your faith, then you can go ahead on into marriage by God’s direction. The second point is when you have found your purpose on earth. God created everyone with several gifts and abilities, but only a man that has found out what his purpose is and walks in it can be fruitful. If you haven’t found your purpose on earth it will be good if you focus on self-discovery and not marriage.

For those who by God’s help have discovered their purpose on earth and are pursuing it, it is an achievement to your person because you cannot be confused and lonely in life. The reason youths are said to be lonely is because they haven’t discovered themselves and they feel having a spouse will stop loneliness. It is not true. A marriage where partners are ignorant of their purpose will experience a terrible level of loneliness. Please discover your purpose, study your purpose, and work towards it so that marriage can be blissful. You can be a doctor, a pastor, a fashion designer, or even a writer; but the main purpose is to meet the needs of people and also find happiness in what you do. See marriage as a tool for fulfilling purpose, because one will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand. If you have your purpose and working towards it, that is a great achievement, please keep on it as you plan for marriage when due. 

The third point is being responsible. Marriage and even a relationship are filled with responsibilities and sacrifices. Being responsible here entails that you are capable of taking care of yourself, you are decisive, you are not careless, you are respectful, you don’t blame people for your errors, and lots more. You can judge yourself and know where you stand because in life there are certain qualities we must all possess before considering marriage. if these required positive qualities are absent, then the idea of marriage should wait and much focus should be on self-development. A responsible person in a marriage can make plans ahead for both the spouse and children and if it fails, he/she won’t blame anyone but take up a clean sheet and start again. A young man or woman that cannot wash the dishes, clean the house, and leaves the surroundings dirty isn’t responsible; a person that easily shares all his failures, weaknesses, and challenges with everyone cannot keep secrets in marriage. if you have worked on this, then there is hope for you as you plan toward the due time.

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