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How To Produce Balm

HOW TO PRODUCE BALM: Balm is a general term for cream/liquid we rub to heal or soothe the skin.


The balm is a cream we use to heal or soothe our skin. One of my major reason(s) of joining NAIRAPEN is to share my Cosmetic products Production experience with young minds. To help as many as possible with Cosmetic production skills. The aim has been defeated by learning from me without practicing what you learned. Please practice, because practice makes perfect, and follow me for you to get other production skills as I drop them.


For accident-free and quality product production, adhere to these measures.

1. Make sure you are properly kitted before going into production

2. Make sure your measurements are accurate

3. Never inhale any chemicals directly into the nose

4. Don't allow children into your production hall.

5. Don't entertain play of any kind in your production hall

6. Make sure all walkways are free from object obstruction

7. Follow me for more Production tips


1. Heating element (e.g., stove, Bunsen burner, electric heater, cooking gas, etc.)

2. Stainless pot

3. Stainless long spoon

4. Storage cans/plastics

5. Nose mask


For 4kg Balm production:

1. Petroleum jelly---1kg

2. Paraffin Oil-------2kg/2L

3. Paraffin wax---------1/16kg

4. Methyl Salicylate---1/4kg/0.25L/250ml (it determines the hotness of the balm)

5. Eucalyptus oil------0.20L/200ml

6. Peppermint oil----0.20L/200ml

7. Menthol crystal-------20g

8. Industrial camphor----20g

9. Colour (optional)--------1/2 teaspoonful or as you desired


1. Place the clean, dry pot on a heating element (e.g., stove, electric heater, cooking gas, etc.)

2. Pour in the paraffin oil and warn a little

3. Add the petroleum jelly and stir until it melts

4. Add the paraffin wax and stir until it melts

5. Add the peppermint oil and stir for homogeneity

6. Add the eucalyptus oil and stir for homogeneity

7. Add the industrial camphor and stir until it melts

8. Add the menthol and stir until it melts

9. Add the methyl Salicylate and stir for homogeneity

10. Add the color and stir for homogeneity

11. Pour the balm into storage cans/bottles and allow it to solidify

12. Package the balm for use or sale

Thanks for reading my article and I look forward to seeing you again. For more information / question(s), drop on the comment box.

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