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How To Produce Bleach

This ebook/manual will guide the reader on how to produce BLEACH (e.g Hypo, Jik etc) from start to finish.


The era of mere academic certificates is over. Because many graduates are unemployed, most of them cannot defend their paper qualifications practically. Skills Acquisition is one of the ways by which an individual can become his/her boss in the future. A skilled person is self-dependent, and he/she can say, “bye-bye to unemployment and the job-seeking syndrome.” To wake the entrepreneurial spirit installed in every individual, and reduce unemployment constitute the reasons why I have written this book “How To Produce Cosmetic Products.”This Book comes in various volumes that will enable the individual to acquire a particular skill in the production of different cosmetic products (e.g. bleach, insecticides, balm, methylated spirit, sanitizer, body lotion cream, shoe polish, after shelve, etc.). This book is an eyes opener for you to discover how to produce a particular brand and have your own company. You are now so equipped to attain financial freedom and self-dependent! Make the best use of the opportunities offered in this book!!!



Safety is the MOST important aspect of any production and in various places of work. In order, to avoid casualties during production you MUST:

1. Make sure there is an EXIT door in your production hall in case of emergency or outbreak.

2. Make sure you are properly kitted before going into production (e.g. putting on your lab coat, nose mask, protective eyes glass, shoes, hair cover, etc)

3. Never operate any equipment(s) you do not know how to operate

4. Make sure all equipment or machines are powered off after production

5. Make sure there is a FIRST-AID box in your production hall

6. Never inhale any chemical directly through your Nose.

7. Make sure you have extra clean water beside you during production

8. Always dry spilled chemicals or water on the ground as soon as possible

9. Make sure the mixing is properly done

10. Keep children away from a production point

11. Remove your rings and wristwatch before production

12. Make sure your measurements are accurate

13. Keep the production guide manual handy during production until you master it

14. Label all chemicals from the point of purchase

15. Follow all the instructions strictly

NOTE: If any of the chemicals is mistakenly taken, drink plenty of water and rush the person to the nearest hospital for proper treatment



1. Mixer

2. Measuring cups

3. Weighing balance: To know the exact weight of chemicals

4. Hydrometer: To check the specific gravity of the solutions.

5. Plastic storage cans

6. Face mask: To protect the face

7. Hand glove: To protect the hands

8. Lab coat: To protect the body


For 5L bleach production:

1. Chlorine -------1/4kg

2. Soda ash -------1/4kg

3. Caustic soda --- 50g

4. Water -----------5L

5. Hydrogen Peroxide—2ml (Optional)



1. Pour the measured 5L of clean water into the mixer

2. Add the Chlorine into the Mixer

3. Add the soda ash to the mixer

4. Add caustic soda

5. Add the Hydrogen peroxide

6. Stir the mixture for 10-15 minutes

7. Repeat the stirring two more times after every two hours

8. Allow the mixture to settle for 24 hours

9. Separate the mixture (note: the upper part of the mixture is the Bleach while the lower part is the Residue)

10. Package the Bleach for Use or sale.

NOTE: The Residue which is the lower part can be used to wash the toilet sinks.

Thanks for reading...Ibeh Simon

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