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How To Secure A Good Connection With Influencial Personalities On The First Meeting

If you have been opportuned to meet with a person of influence but you’re unsure on how to get along or get yourselves to know each other better for future benefits. Then, this is for you.

Let’s say someone took you with them to see top personnel; people we don't have the opportunity to meet on a normal day but opportunity danced in your favor and here you are sharing the moment with them. A golden chance it is. Isn't it? Do you know, that you can secure your connection there and there with little or no help? If you escorted someone to see them, I want to believe you aren't hoping for that same person to take you there for a second time. Because you may never get a second chance. The opportunity they say comes but once. Even if you are an introvert, too naive or shy to secure a conversation with people, especially strangers, you should be able to play around with this psychological hack.

Step 1:

During the conversation, stay real while being active and listening. Contribute meaningfully to the discussion but while you do so, try not to be desperate to impress. It may ruin your chance. Instead, you should just stick to the obvious. And by the end of the conversation hopefully about saying goodbye, you may then make this simple request. “If you won’t mind sir/ma’am, I will be getting your mobile number from my friend here (the one who took you there) later in the day. Cos, I would love to say hello some other time” Trust me, anybody will give you a go-ahead even if they do not truly mean it. Here is the gist; You simply communicated your intention with the impression that you don't want to bother them. You are seeking consent but psychologically you just cajole them to give you a YES without an objection.

Again, you’ve given to them a sense of security while also saving them the stress to give out their contact info to a total stranger which most of the time they would feel reluctant to. Meanwhile, you’ve also freed your friend of the conscience which would’ve prevented them from giving to you their benefactor's contact. You should know how this thing works. Most of these top men are very discreet about their contact details. They wouldn’t have their contact given out that easily; because they presume you will bug them afterward. Nonetheless, they're humans and humans need friends.

Step 2:

Now that you’ve made the first move, it is time for you to implement it. After having gotten their contact, give it an intentional break for about two to three days. Then, send them a short text message not a call, just to say hi and tell them who you are. That way, you’re being careful not to piss them off by calling them and giving the long introductory speech. But a simple short text will efficiently convey your message without sabotage. Then, wait for them to reply. If they do not reply, Don't be in a haste to put a call across to them. Give it time. Who knows? They may not be able to attend to you at that moment. Two to three days after the call, let's say in the evening when they probably will be less busy. Compose another message. But this time, let it go like; "I sent you a text a couple of days ago. And I doubt if your busy schedule allows you some time to check it out. I was just checking up on you. I trust you had a great day?" Here, you're just trying to show some care. If they have seen the previous message, trust me, their conscience will cajole them to reply to this one. And only when they reply that you may then call. If they do not reply, two things may be involved. Either they do not see the message or they are avoiding you. If the latter is the case, kindly respect yourself and back off. You have the dignity to protect. But should they reply to your text, then?

Step 3:

Count 24 hours from the time of their response and then call. This is to track their leisure. They probably must have replied to you during their leisure time. If your calculations are right, 24 hours after will fall almost within that time. The first text was for introduction and familiarity. The second was to back up the first. By now, they must have had you in mind which would save you the stress of reintroducing yourself during the call. During the call, keep it simple. Ask about their families, and how they are keeping up. Ask about work. Just let it flow. I presume before the call, you must have made a brief list of what and what you will be saying to them in your head. You may be feeling nervous trying to put yourself together to place the call but don't let it play on you. They are humans after all. Before you end the call, make sure you request to know their leisures for you would be wanting to get to know them better. Perhaps, you wouldn't want to come between their work time. If you get lucky. You won't have to go through these steps to reach them ever again. After the first call, The ball is now in your court, you may then play your way to socializing with them. I would have loved to teach you that but that would be in my subsequent piece. I hope you’ve learned something new.

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