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How Your Thoughts And Mindset Affect Your Life And Successes.

This motivates you, gives you courage and makes you feel determined to take ACTIONS to change yourself positively.

"Unexamined life is not worth living." ~ Socrates. Many times we feel like we lose hope, confidence, focus, determination, and direction. We feel suffocated. In such situations, we subsequently give up, and when we give up – we definitely lose the first instant opportunity. Because when there is an opportunity, there is always maximum hope. When there is hope, there is always stress, fear, and skeptics if all we are doing must happen and be true. In reality, when we open an opportunity, tens of hundreds of problems come in as instant as possible. As we keep pushing in the direction of the opportunity, the problems subsequently fade away. They disappear by our regular or always friction of pulling the opportunity towards success.

 However, the right decision for us when such a dilemma or situation arrives is not to relax, not meditate, or procrastinate... Don't consider it if it is holding up for a while. Just push! And continue pushing, nonstop! Let me tell you. There has been a type of these people since the world was born:

1. People who pray hard and work hard: This type of people have hope because they pray, and at the same time, they work. The prayer pushes their works, thereby creating positive change.

2. People who pray hard but do not work hard: This class of people has no chance. They may not succeed, by the way.

3. People who work hard but do not pray hard: Always likely to succeed because work matters in everything. Simply put, managers in organizations do not hire people because they are religious or pious but because they are hardworking and creative. Working hard never falls in vain or goes unrewarded.

4. People who neither pray hard nor work hard: These are called zero-all. Simply put, success losers.

Optimistic people do both; the hard in prayer and in working. Optimism is always religious and hardworking. They groom the habit of respecting other people. They develop the sense and skill of leadership. They value other people's views. That is why they succeed. One thing unique about optimism is not that they don't give up... But it is, they don't lose hope or their direction. They are always very determined. They are very curious, that is why they make a very good living. Unlike their opposite side, pessimistic. 

Pessimism is when a person has no hope or confidence and has nothing to make in the future. Pessimistic feel the future is risky, so giving out little to it is the most righteous decision, which is wrong. They do not see the value in anything they do. Mostly, pessimistic go broke forever. However, we can wonder, in such a situation, 'Why do most atheists develop and become successful. They do not pray. They do not even believe in God, but still, they excel. Why do atheists excel?' Because they work crazily mad. Atheists believe in working, not praying; that is why they excel. By a mere fact here, we can conclude that work matters more than Praying but having the two means you shield your work, so it can go successful.

Contrary to Imams and pastors and most dull people religiously, they do not believe in working but always praying. Prayer does not guarantee success. It does not guarantee you happiness. But success guarantees you happiness because when you are happy, we can say you are successful. When you are not happy, we could not say you are a successful gentleman!

In conclusion, this article calls your attention and intention to be crazily mad to make a very good living by praying hard, working hard, not procrastinating, and always making a wonderful kick up to success. Pull the opportunities, create friction and let the world knows when the result is out... Let the world you are around, and you are different. You're optimistic, who believes in himself and who believes in his decisions. Roar to make big sounds to create a big difference.

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