A little boy makes a decision he considers best, but it landed him dead

He fired the trigger, and the firing pin struck the primer; it fired up the gun powder and the flaming powder. Its pressure pushed the bullet down the barrel and finally out of the muzzle. Swift as the prairie wind and handsome as a June afternoon, he heard the target snort after the blaring sound of the gun faded away. Excitement greeted his heart as he ran to steal a close look, the leaves crackling under his feet as he trudged towards the game.

Hunting was not a social event. It was the coming of age for young men. The leaves hummed and feathered as they shuffled through the bright forest. That's when "buck fever" sets in. He could imagine bagging the biggest buck in the forest, hanging the head in the den with people cheering, applauding, and thinking he was the outstanding hunter. He had always told his friend Udo about a hunt he would go for.

The chirping of the birds serenaded the atmosphere as dawn broke forth. His adrenaline was now at its peak as the long-awaited day had become the moment. 

He was now heaving breathlessly over the game. The buck fever was over; he had indeed killed the biggest game. His trickling tears at first became heavy torrents. Udo's father, Okoye, could not bring Udo to a hunt because he was not of age himself. And yet Udo came. It was him who ran with the speed of a deer and fell with the snort of a buck.

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