Hurry To Meet Death

HURRY TO MEET DEATH is a tragic satire of the realities of Nigerian soldiers who in a bid to survive in a country where unemployment thrives, join the Army and are rushed to their deaths in their quest to clean up the trouble our politicians start.

Hurry to meet death before your place is taken
On tables of regrets, reward mistaken
Where dead men tell sad tales
Of squandered might on coarse life sails

Hurry to meet death lest your place be taken
And spare no time for family greets and fondles
For when a country is in chaos a soldier's part
Is to clean up all the troubles our politicians start

Hurry to meet death before your place is taken
Among heroes who drank of resolve and were never shaken
With "Yes sir—yes sir" that could afford but a wrecked tombstone
Here lies the wasteful remains of a husband, friend, and brother

Hurry to meet death so painful and vile
Having to trade our peace for comfort that lasts for a while
And died doing what to the devil is right 
Believing our greedy politicians share in your plight 

Hurry to meet death before your sanity awakens
And take with you messages of deep great lessons
Though wars are won in the might and will
Best be sure you're fighting on the right side of the field
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