I Ain't A...

A poetical rhyme of a man's strive and spirit to become someone better by pitching up some positive rather than the negative impressions.

Ain't perishables; a personality.
Ain't an abused; an aglow.
Ain't a constricted; a celebrity.
Ain't a horrible;a high star.
Ain't Bashed; a blossom.
Ain't destitute; a destiny.
Ain't an encircled; an 🦅eagle.
Ain't a fallow; a flourish.
Ain't a insigma, an individual.
Ain't a zealot;a zeal.
Ain't a ridiculed;a respected.
Ain't a wrecked; a wisdom.
Ain't a nuisance; a notch.
Ain't a gullible; a golden.
Ain't a umbrella; all universal.
Ain't a egoistic; an elegant.
Ain't a queer: am quintessential.
Ain't an oppressed; an opaque.
Ain't a retched; am resonating.
Ain't a kilt; am a kindred.
Ain't a token; a totality.
Ain't a lost;a lasting legacy.
Ain't a massacre; a mantra.
Ain't stupid; a shining 🛡️ shield.
Ain't violent; a virtue value.
Ain't yours; am yonder.
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