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Just For A Moment( Episode 2)

This story is about a beautiful young girl who was bullied and mocked by her classmate at school.

I tossed and rolled on my bed because I did not want to wake up as I was enjoying the warmth of my bed. I was also feeling sleepy at that moment, but the clock hanging in the corner of my room disturbed me as it rang for a very long time. And with that, I jumped out of my bed."Jeez! It is already 6:00 am; I'm late." I mumbled as I glanced at the clock.

And in no time, I left my room because I needed to do some hawking at that moment since my father was not ready to sponsor my education. At that point, I walked through my parent matrimonial room, but the memories of what happened yesterday popped into my mind. "My mum and my dad are fighting." I thought and chuckled as I wondered how my mum and my dad were shouting at themselves and what provoked my mum to call my daddy a fool. I also wondered If they slept on the same bed as I peeped my eye through the peephole of their door, but unluckily for me, I couldn't see a glimpse of them. So I quickly went to the bathroom to have my bath. I also went to my sibling's room as I finished having my bath and wore my school uniform.

"David! Stella! I shouted as I stepped into their room, but they were sleeping. At that point, I woke them up and prepared them for school."When mummy wakes up, tell her I have gone to sell the remaining bananas and vegetables," I told them as they wore their school uniform."The two of you should sit down here so that your school uniform will not be dirty." I patted a chair beside me.

Just then, I stormed out of the house with a tray on my head. But within a short period, I was able to sell all the bananas and vegetables, as I hurriedly went back home, but I stopped as I heard someone calling my name. "Beatrice, so... you are the one shouting my name without respect." I managed to say those words as I sighted her.

She was coming in my direction with her school bag hung around her shoulders. We attended the same school."Okay, aunty Debbie. And is that okay by you?" She joked, and I chuckled."Be fast, oh! I rolled my eyes at her as I waited for her."This our aunt is angry at me. Hmm, see her beautiful face." She smiled as she approached me."You will not kill me with laughter. Naughty girl." I said amidst laughter."So how is grandma and how is her health," I asked her."Mama is not getting better at all. Sometimes she complained of headaches and backaches, and that was the reason you did not see my hawks this morning because I have to cook for her and buy her some drugs." She explained.

"Don't worry; she will get better soon. It is because she is an old woman; that is why she is having headaches and backaches." I patted her shoulder as I noticed her countenance had changed, and she nodded. Honestly, I pitied her because she went through a lot. As I recalled what she told me when we became friends. How she lost her parents in a fatal accident when she was nine years old, and how her grandmother has taken care of her after their demise. However, she had to hawk pap and groundnut every morning for survival, as that was what her grandmother was doing for a living. And with this, we have been best friends as we get to know ourselves through hawking.

"Will you follow me to my house so that by that we can go to school together?" I fixed my gaze on her.

"Smile now." I pulled her cheek as we were going home, but she hissed, and I chuckled. On our way home, she cracked jokes with me, making me giggle. She was good at cracking and making funny jokes. And one of her jokes that made me laugh hysterically was when she told me our house is far and that she can't trek again; otherwise, her leg would go down. But when we arrived home in a few minutes, she cracked the jokes, and we entered our three_ bedroom apartment and found my daddy in the sitting room. But only God knows what happened between him and my mother when I went to hawk. "Good morning, sir." We greeted him as we entered the sitting room.


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