I Am Busy

I had a friend who for a very long time we didn't get to talk, but during one of our holidays decided to call him.

"Hello, how are you?" I said."I'm fine. I'm busy now. Let's talk later." He replied. This happened the first time, and then I got bitterly angry; I told myself that I would never call again. As time went on, I came off it and decided to call him again (the second time). The same thing occurred; he didn't even bother to know why I called him; it was just to greet him tho. This time around, I made up my mind never to call him. Of which I haven't called him since then. It's not pride or malice; it's self-control.

Most times, people call to check on you, people call because through your voice they get relieved, people call because they love you. But the question is, "what is your response to their call." Are you the busy type, busy all the time, never having time for anyone? It's not right. When someone calls to check on you, or for any reason, try to create little time for them. You don't know how far hearing your voice can go for someone. Some people just hold a grudge against another and decide not to talk to them ( way different from my case). They might be in pain. You checking on them can go a far way.

It's OK to be busy but don't always be busy for nothing. Try to know why someone calls you. The way we also reply to people matters. Be nice while responding to people so it won't look like they're disturbing you. Create time to know about a friend's well-being or your family's well-being. It really matters.

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