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I Am Innocent

Adesua a young promising woman was falsely accused of the death of her fiance, Mr ayomide michael. All her efforts to prove her innocence seemed to be useless... Now the question is what will she do? Will god intervene? Find out!!


Miss Ade: Please tell the court how you did it. Tell them how you murdered that innocent man. Tell them... Tell them! Objection, your honor. My client has been harassed!! That's enough! Please believe me, sir, I am telling you the truth (In tears); I am innocent.

I didn't kill my fiance; I didn't kill Ayo.... ( ahhh )


Miss Adesua, I want to help you. You're a beautiful woman, you're... Smart, intelligent, hardworking, and..... (Starring at her seductively)You're... Sexy and very, very attractive. Just give me a chance to take care of you, and I promise you that you won't regret it.

Adesua: Sir... How can you say this to me? You know how much I love my fiance and we're getting married sooner! And you're... You're his uncle! Why would you say this to me?.ahhh sir, I am very disappointed in you!

Mr. Bayo: Hahaha... Adesua, You are naive and foolish.
Well, I want you to go home, sleep over it and give me feedback, okay? You may leave now. (Adesua leaves the office)
Oh my God, what is all this? Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve all this wickedness? Ahhh my God
I'm doomed!! (Crying) Ahh


Clara: Adesua, what is wrong with you? Why are you this senseless? Look... My friend. This is a perfect opportunity...why do you want to throw it all away?
Adesua: Clara... Why would you say this to me? You know I can't hurt you. Love him so dearly.
Clara: oh, please!! You know I wonder what saw in that wretched man...
Adesua: Stop it!! I love Ayo, and I won't hurt him! 
Clara: Oh please, that man doesn't worth it... He's a poor man! He can't even afford his bills... My friend, opens your eyes... You are a beautiful woman with a bright future common!! You know what... Let's end it here... I will leave you to think about it...
Take care. (Clara leaves)
At 7 pm at night... Adesua is seen in her room, lost in her thoughts, thinking of what to do. She loves Ayo so much, but she wants to help him, but the price for such is unbearable!! What will she do?


Adesua hears a knock on her door. Who is it? She yells I'm coming... Hold on...She opens the door, and surprised, she says

Adesua: Sister Titi. Oh, mine... What are you doing here? Together, they both hugged each other looking so happy 😂
Please come in, says Adeola. Titi, how have you been? Oh, my dear, I've been alright, said Titi. Adesua offers her friend a seat. Please, my friend, have a seat.
Titi: Thank you So ade, how are you... Well, from the look of things. you are looking good hmmm
Ade: Oh please, my friend... Stop it. She replies jokingly Well, if you must know... It is the Lords doing.
Titi: And it is indeed marvelous( they both 😆 laugh)
So how is Ayo?
Ade: umm, he's not in town for the moment; you went to a church program
Titi: ahh, Ayo. Always giving his all for the kingdom of God.
Ade: yes, oo
Titi: umm, ade, I want to share something very important with you.
Ade: okay?
Titi: you see, my friend... Lately, the Lord has been ministering to me about you and ayo. You see, last night, I had a revelation. I saw you in chains... You were thoroughly beaten, and I saw people throwing stones at you. And they kept calling you a murderer!
Ade: what? Are you serious
Titi: Yes, my friend... I kept praying for you and ayo not until the holy spirit told me to come to warn you and Ayo. Please, my friend, what is going on?
Adesua is looking so confused and scared... Umm, nothing... Nothing, my friend... Nothing at all. Everything is fine.
Titi: Ade, are you sure? 
Ade: yes, yes, my dear, everything is fine. Please believe me.
Titi: okay then... If you say so, please don't relent in prayers, okay?
Ade: okay. Ummm, wait here, let me get you something, okay?
Titi:(smiles) Alright, my friend.


Ade: oh, mine... Just when I was planning to go and see this man... My friend Titi had to come over with a warning... Oh God, what should I do now? ( Phone rings) 
On the phone: Ade, where are you? I've wanted for you.
Ade: oh babes, I'm sorry.. Just wait for me.. I will join you soon.
(She hangs up)
Clara: ade I don't like this... Why did you keep me here for so long?
Ade: I'm very sorry, my friend... I was a bit busy.
Clara: whatever... So tell me... Have you thought of it?
Ade: what?
Clara: Bayo's offer Nah
Ade: I don't know if I can do it o

You see, Ayo's sister visited me yesterday, and she came with a big warning... Now I am scared 😱 I feel like God is warning me!

Clara: Hahaha, Ade, you're such a baby. Titi is a nobody! She's just jealous of you. Can't you see it? She's not even married... All she knows is to pray and talk nonsense about living a godly life.

Tell me. Where has it ended?

She's old and still has no husband.

No man is even looking in her direction.

Look, baby girl.don't mind her... Forget about what she said. After all, you're doing it for her wretched brother. Ade looks at Clara angrilyClara quickly apologizes.

Ade: Oh God.


Bayo: oh, my beloved ade. I knew you would come to your senses. Tell me, didn't you enjoy it? ( He says, smiling at her)
Ade: Please, sir, I bet to take my leave now.
Bayo: Ahah, so soon?
Haha, ade, you're too shy. Alright, then, if you insist. Here's your moneyAde collects the money and lives immediately. Bayo laughs as she lives.
Ayo: Ade, what is the matter with you?
Ade: what do you mean by that?
Ayo: I've noticed your absence from church. You don't come to Sunday services anymore; you don't come for midweek prayers anymore. And everyone is worried about you.
Ade: look, I am fine, okay. I've told you to stop worrying. Is just that I've been busy
Ayo: That is what you always say. Ever since you started that job of yours, you stopped having time for God. This is not you ade!! 
Ade: Ayo, please!! What is all this self? Please, I still spend time with God, okay. At least I still have my quiet time with God.
Ayo: oh really? Haha, Ade, are you sure? Because it doesn't look like you do? For God's sake, Ade, you're soon to be a pastor's wife, and your life must be a good example to others. Please
Ade: Ayo, please, I beg you, stop it! In fact, I don't have time for this. Goodbye. Ade leaves.
James: Pastor Ayo, what exactly is the problem with sister ade. She hasn't been coming to church with anyone! She even banned us from calling her on the phone, and even visiting her is a problem! Pastor, sir, what is happening?
Ayo: honestly, brother James I don't know what is wrong with my future wife. She has changed completely. She's no longer the woman I used to know. Tell James did I pick the wrong woman? Tell me.
James: Pastor. Please calm down. Everything will be fine. We just have to keep praying for mercy.
Ayo: oh God, please help me( 😭)
Ade: Mr. Bayo, please, we need to stop this, okay. I'm already feeling bad for ayo.
Bayo: Ohh, common baby. Nothing to feel bad about. After all, you're the one paying his bills. He's a hungry pastor.
Ade: please mind your language!
Bayo: oh, sorry, ma... Hahaha, Common, nothing will happen, okay? Ade: I need to go. Bye


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