Queen Iheme 2 years ago

I Am Innocent ( Continuation)

Adesua a young promising woman was falsely accused of the death of her fiance mr Ayomide Michael. All her efforts to prove her innocence seemed to be useless... Now the question is what will she do? Will god intervene? Find out!!


A knock is heard on Bayo's door
Bayo: Yes, please come in. Ade opens the door.
Bayo: hey, baby... You came... Hmm, I am sure you missed me(tries to kiss her.. But she moves him away). What's wrong, baby?
Ade: Mr. Bayo... First of all, I'm not your baby... Secondly, l came to tell you that it is over!
Bayo: over... What do you mean?
Ade: Well, for your information, I will be getting married to my lover this Saturday and so were are done! I'm starting a new life with my husband-to-be.
Bayo: common baby, you can't go... Remember everything we've done.
Ade: yes! I know, and I regret it! In fact, I will tell ayo about it. What happened between us was a mistake. And I'm sorry. But from now on... Things have changed. I'm happy now, and I wish you stop all this evil and be happy. Please, sir... I beg you... Let me be... Stop disturbing me... I won't come back to you not anymore! Good luck, sir. Adesua walks out (haha, silly girl... Do you think I will allow you to live happily with Ayo...Never! You will hear from me soon!
Clara: oh, mine... I'm so happy for you, my friend... Is a good thing you left that Bayo of a guy
Ade: shhh, just shut up Clara is all in the past now... Don't ruin my moment.
Clara... Oh, I am sorry. Ade's phone rings
Ade: hello... Ayo, Hahah a surprise you say. Okay, then I will be there. See you soon.
Clara: wow... See who's in love ❤️ Ade gets up... Oh, Clara, you make me laugh... Okay, I will leave you here... I need to see my baby( winks). Okay oooo

Ade...Ade...Ade...where are you? Ohhh ade, please stop this joke. Hahaha, ade this your surprise, eh. Ade...Ade, come out now.
Ade... Jesus!!! Ade...ade...Nooooo Ade, who did this to you Ade noooo please wake up Please... Don't leave me, Noooo Jesus!!! What happened here? Ma'am, what have you done? You killed him. What..ttt... No, I didn'tAhhh, pastorEwooo ma'am, why?? Why did you do this to our pastor? Ewoooo

Ade: Your honor, please believe me. I'm innocent. I didn't kill my fiance Ohh God( she wails)
Judge: This meeting has been adjourned to tomorrow. Adesua is handcuffed and about to be taken to the van when suddenly a gunshot is heard.
Policeman: Take cover, take cover... The lady has been shot!!!
We need to rush her to the hospital! WILL SHE SURVIVE? Titi and Clara are seen in the hospital, where Adesua was rushed to.
Titi: Ohhh God( in tears)
Please don't let this innocent woman die. Oh God, you're known for your righteous deeds. Please have mercy. Arise, oh Lord, and let your enemies be put to shame. Ahhh, papa, please 🙏 Titi and Clara cry bitterly for their Friend.

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