"i Did Not See This Coming"

The end of the sin series...Shruti kept another paper on the table. “This is your call records. At precisely 9.46 you gave a call to a guy named Animesh who tells us you called him up to know about Sameer and information on where he is posted.

He gave you the details and asked you for a reason for the inquiry, but you chose not to reply. You then gave a call to a landline registered to Mango restaurant at 9.52 pm. You spoke for about 7 minutes, and then you gave a call to this police station." Sameer sat staring at Shikha. "You are trying to frame me. You guys can't catch the real culprit, so you are trying to frame me for it. Easy target, you see…." "Whom did you talk to at the Mango restaurant?" Sameer asked. "I am not going to get accused anymore. I am leaving." Shikha Kulkarni got up and headed towards the door. "Before you leave. Last question." "What is it?" She turned around. "Ever heard of Amisha Mishra?" Shruti picked up and showed a photograph. "No. Who is she?" "Was. She was killed in the same manner your boyfriend was. Around the same time." "What?" "Yes.

Apparently, she had also visited Aditya's apartment just before she was killed." "I…I don't…." "We have an eyewitness who saw a woman entering Amisha's house. Tall and slim like you." "Excuse me?" "Now, if I were an author, I would link this to an affair and blame the jilted lover. What say, Miss Kulkarni?" "I would say it's a baseless accusation!" Shikha said and stormed off. "Are you planning to join her?" Shruti asked Sameer. Sameer nodded his head and left the room. Raina entered a few minutes later. "Ma'am?" "Yes." "I recovered the deleted messages from Aditya and Amisha's phone." "What did you find?" "Two things, there are a series of messages between a contact with the name 'A' on Aditya's phone. Where A is persistent in meeting Aditya. Wants to 'get back and 'make everything alright again. Who 'wants just one chance.'" "Is that Amisha?" "Yep. And she has saved his name as Adi." "So this looks like a one-sided love."

"There is also care from Aditya's side. He asked about her well-being and inquired if she was okay when there was incessant rain." "Okay… You said two things. What's the other thing?" "This." Raina showed a WhatsApp chat sent over four months ago where a man had threatened Aditya to stay away from Shikha. Aditya, in turn, had asked for the man's identity and wanted to know what does Shikha have to do with him. To which the man had replied that Aditya should just do what he was told and not take this further. "This might be our killer. He must have killed Aditya because he didn't listen to him. And Aditya, too, was found aloof and in tension around that time. Whose number is that?" "It's a private number." "Oh." "But I traced it. That's why it took so long."


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