I Gave Up.

I ventured into business at a period in my life when I knew that it was necessary I fend for myself in order not to become a beggar. Everyone gets to this phase.

This business was a lucrative one; even in decades to come, it will stand the test of time. I invested my time and money into it. For the first three months, it looked all rosy and interesting; I assured myself that I was on track. Profit was coming in, and I was happy because I won’t need to beg to have food on my table. 

Alongside my business, I never forgot to fellowship with the saints because that was my second family, my local church. Being in the atmosphere of prayer, I received several positive prophecies and assurance from God, the promise of a bright future, and all the good things of life. Back to the business, I ventured into. 

Five months down the line, the unexpected happened. Due to the high income from the previous months, I made an order and invested heavily. Within a twinkle of an eye, I lost everything. It was a shock to me that every investment I had made went down the drain within twenty-four hours that fateful Saturday. It was a horrifying experience that put me off balance; I called my supplier severally without any positive response from him. I gave up in my quest to get an explanation and possibly a restoration. I turned to God, who had always spoken about a bright and great future, 

I asked God for answers because this was the third business I had ventured into in a year, and it had crashed like the previous ones. I told God before now that I never wanted to engage in any business again because it looks like I am not cut out for that, but I was assured of God’s backing by my pastor. Here I was, facing a major setback and loss because I decided to try again. That was a heartbreaking moment for me. I struggled to pray; I gradually lost interest in both spiritual and social activities. All I could ask myself anytime I woke up was, where did I go wrong? 

In the midst of that storm, I thought of trying again, but I had another voice discourage me. I started fighting my thoughts; all I needed was peace and direction from a supernatural Being, which was God. This continued for a month until that beautiful Monday; I woke up to have a personal devotion for the first time after my loss. I tried my best to stay focused, but my thoughts always failed me. I persisted because I needed to speak to my Father. The HolySpirit came to my aid and helped me in my infirmity. 

I poured out my mind to God like the prodigal son, like a helpless man. I spoke and wept till I felt empty of words; strength had gone out of me. I waited for God to speak just the way Job did at the time of his turbulence. It tarried. God never left me stranded; He spoke to me clearly that I felt His presence around me. His Love that I thought was gone was now overwhelming. He reminded me of the great promises that He made over my life. He said to me that in all I do, the storm would rage, but a glorious light will spring forth.

I received unusual boldness and great faith. One thing I never cease to forget from that encounter was that God said the reason for the storm is that every level of success in life has a price. Hearing this, dear friends, that was all I needed to press further deliberately. I made a decision that by God’s help, even in the storm or the flames of trouble and setback, I will not give in to discouragement. After that, I got back to my feet and launched out my net as the disciples did at Jesus’ command. This time I was ready for anything because I felt the presence of Yahweh always by my side. Despite the storm and turbulence, Jesus is inside your boat. 


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