I Hate My Dad

Do we really have to hate them because they treated us bad 😞? Dig deep and find out...

Sometimes, life could be so cruel, and you wish you had never been born. The people you loved and trusted the most might be the reasons behind your suffering πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί. Well, my case was different. I know you may be wondering why I hate him, unlike most kids; daddy.... ugh 😩 I don't think he deserves that name πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί. he never gave me fatherly love and attention or at least took me as one of his. Rather, he always treated me like I was an abomination. I hated him with so much passion, or was it the character he portrayed that made me hate him and wish mom never got married to a cold-hearted man?

Monday mornings were different where I came from; the supposed daddy wouldn't walk me to school, and on the way, he would stop by at a bar to gist and drink with his friends and threatened to throw me out of the house if mom ever got to hear about this. When I asked for snacks money replied coldly, "Amania, I don't have money, and even if I had do you think I'll give you?.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’.", But dad😭😭😭 "I never want to hear that name Dad in your mouth again....... Rubbish πŸ˜’". Tears rolled down my little cheeks; my face swallowed from all the hot tears that streamed down my eyes, a mixture of water and emotions.

In the midst of all this, he wasn't even touched a bit; it was as if his heart was carved out of a rough stone. The kids and the teachers just walked passed, not even caring to know what the matter was. At that moment, as if I was pushed by someone to talk to my dad, I was able to make a statement, not caring if he threw me out, finally, "Daddy, why do you hate me so much?, Have I ever wronged you in any way, is there something I did, you let me know now so I plead for forgiveness, or perhaps you throw me out as you always say".As if this stone-hearted man was touched by what I said, he screamed, "argh 😫, my heart!!!, I will confess, I will confess, please don't kill me".

After saying this, he fell flat at the entrance of the school; I couldn't wrap my head around what had just happened. Could it be what I said that made him fall flat? and he made mention of confessingπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”. It Didn't take long; he was rushed to a nearby community clinic near our school, which helped bring him back to his normal state; the nurse complained he was screaming, I will confess, as though someone was beating him up with a magical cane. The type I normally see in African movies πŸ˜….

Mom later showed up with a few of our relatives, then he started, "Amania, my son, I know I never treated you as one of mine. The truth is; you were never my biological son, rather the son of my junior brother". (he coughs and then continues). Your father Amadi was my junior brother, and he died as a result of my jealousy and hatred towards him". The whole room went cold and quiet as if they saw a ghost when he made that statement. For some reason, I always felt he wasn't my dad. I know a father wouldn't treat his child the way he treated me, as trash. I killed Amadi, and I let my rage and jealousy for his success over cloud my sense of reason. Your father was a wealthy young man, and all the girls would love to get married to the such guy.

The apartment we live in was built by him and was succeeded by me when he died. I envied his wealth; that was what led me to do whatever it took to take him down and Claim his wealth. I had everything well mapped out; I knew when he would leave the house and when he normally returned. The chances of him falling into my trap where 100% success. The next morning, as he was about to leave the compound to accompany his workers in the farmon, he stepped on a charm I had set in his compound last night; at first, he didn't quite understand what happened; his legs tickled him. Each time he tried to place his foot on the ground, he would feel and sharp pull on both legs. The pains were unbearable, and he still couldn't believe his leg wasn't responding to his locomotion.

As if that one wasn't enough, a snake came out from nowhere and stung his leg. Still in pain, the only person he could call was me, which I was actually waiting to happen. He called me to come over, I could hear the distress in his voice, but I was too determined to fall for any more emotional games. I later arrived after 1hour and lied about being stuck up in a hold-up on my way. He was almost fading out slowly, his face becoming pale. We rushed him to the hospital; before we left, he whispered my name, "John, I see my life oozing out slowly; in case I don't Make it back alive, please take care of Amania, him in as your son, please this might be my dying wish, who knows, maybe I won't die, but please take good care of him. There is well-being signed to his name that his supposed to get access to when he turns 20. please keep it safe; I believe that will help him start up something in life".

After saying this, he was rushed into the operation room, and after a few hours, it was announced that he couldn't make it. While others were sad, I was happy inside of me, but I played along very well, so no one suspected me. As for your mom, she died after giving birth to you; the lady you call mom is my wife; she never knew what I had done to my brother. My in-laws, I don't deserve your apologies or anyone in this room; what I did was unforgivable, even I can't forgive myself, but please find a place in your hearts to forgive me if you hold grudges or hate me as IΒ did against my brother, you may end being like the person you hate.

After making this heartbreaking speech, he now screamed so loud, his body vibrating, as though he was being pulled on all sides, and then he breathed his last breath, and he wasn't talking anymore; his eyes were still wide open as tears ran from both corners of his eyes. "Papa, wake up, please wake up 😭😭😭😭😭, I forgive you wake up, I don't hate you anymore" All the shouts and the pushing was to no avail; he was gone, and there's nothing no one could do about it. So instead of hating him, I learned from what he has experienced, so I won't be like him in the future.

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