I Know Of Weapons

A poem for our dear mothers💚...Which cradle our souls tenderly; Making us breathe in whole;

Which cradle our souls tenderly 
Making us breathe in whole
As one, never to be separated
You and I
Sinking souls in stinking love and compassion

I know of weapons
Ready to strike from afar
In the days of our tempest
To calm the amped gnashing solo of our sorrow
Till one can hear the ant's breath 

I know of weapons
As sharp as the knackers' blades
Effective as snipper amongst cockroaches
And an eruption of hope
Even when our prayers trail

I know of weapons
Not made by men
Never sold in the market
Nor a hustle came true
But detonate in the hearts of our enemies
Just to set us free
I know of MOTHERS! 
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