I Last

I LAST - It is not sinful; To live so simple; No android, no plasma; No couch, no Hummer ...

It is not sinful
To live so simple 

No android, no plasma
No couch, no Hummer

But all summer 
Gleefully, stay I, absent drama

I last!

In a house
Without a single glass

From one burrow
To the next furrow

I live
Sleeping on a leaf

I eat 
Fusses, I defeat

Gaze I the sky
And smile at the star

The yellow one
And the other one

I sniff the air
Lacking fear

I live my life
I love my life

Then I wonder
How you wander

And scattering

And betraying

To be famous and rich
Then go back to preach

I am an animal
What are you? 

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