I Left Him To Die!

I LEFT HIM TO DIE!!: The aftermath of dormant potential that consistently cries out to be free.

It was so sudden! And it all started like a dream! It was on a Monday morning; we were all seated in the corners of the office, tending to the needs of clients. Several of the staff members could be seen walking around, scrambling for answers to some basic questions they needed answers to.

There I was, getting distracted by the constant chuckle he was making, and I had to caution him. Instead, he pulled closer to where I was seated and told me to look at his 6'o clock. I busted out laughing due to the sight I beheld; it was our pot-bellied boss who seemed to be so uncomfortable in the skinny jean he was wearing that his walking posture ratted him out. That seemed inappropriate, but I couldn't hold in my first reaction, which was to laugh.

After all that, he reminded me of the adventure we intended to have during the weekend. He asked if I had been able to purchase the needed tools and made the necessary transportation arrangements. It was a quest for knowledge. I gave the nod. The day arrived, and we decided to hop into the vehicle we chattered. The driver was a bit skeptical at first when we told him where we were headed. He mentioned that a lot of people hardly make it back alive, and though out of the few that survived, they were able to influence several lives positively by relaying what they know.

We both looked at each other, and the sound that stemmed from the heavy swallowing of my saliva hissed louder than the honk of the trailer's horn in transit due to fear, but the report got my friend so excited. What a weird fellow, you'd say. And so it began." Come quickly! "Come check this out," he called.

As I was going in his direction, I walked into cobwebs, which dampened my sight. I slipped as I was trying to get out of it. What I heard next was his scream. HELP! He called out for me, and here I was, trying to speak, but I couldn't. I lay helplessly on the floor, staring at the snake, which was positioned to strike if a move was made. The scream became consistent, and all I could do was close my eyes and give in to the thick smoke of uncertainty, fear, and weakness. I was trapped by what I saw, and I let it dictate my thoughts. I concluded that it was all over and that all I could do was succumb to the circumstances that surrounded me.

My potential was waiting for my firm grip, and there I was, trying to be saved from this vicious animal as well. How I wish I had gathered the little strength I had within to handle everything with discretion. I didn't mean to leave him to die; I was too scared to move an inch. The driver's statement, "A lot of people barely make it back alive, and among the few who do, they were able to positively influence several lives by relaying what they know." is a troubling truth that has become the norm in the lives of so many. On the path of discovery, a lot of people fall into the lies of circumstances. It is usually painted as though it is permanent, while in reality, it is just a temporary item placed before us to climb into the next phase of victory. Few live to share, but more can live to share as well.

Our potentials are excited to be born with us, and they find every means to reveal the need for their importance in our lives. Be it in the face of trouble or the embrace of victory, they are always important, and they are calling for help right now.

In every problem, there are solutions.

In the chaos, there is peace.

In confusion, there is understanding.

In uncertainty, there is assurance.

In you, there is capacity.

In you, there is a possibility.

In you, there is God.

The present situation you are in calls for a solution, not condemnation or rebuke. I don't know the right words to relay, but I will leave you with this: The antidote you need to cure those viruses that have altered your being is the genuine acceptance of your superpower (what God says about you). Your potential can't survive without that understanding.

I'm rooting for you.

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