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I Love It (sin) But...

Tade was dedicated to God by his mother by the name Samuel but decided to live a big boy life according to him but something happened to him.. What could that be? Read and be blessed.

Tade woke up to a stressful day as his boss called as early as 6 AM to remind him of their trip to Canada, which was slated for 6.30 AM. Oh!! What is this? Someone can't sleep again, abi!!. What is the time that this man is calling me again? Ha!! 6.05 AM already. Jes!! He ran off to the bathroom, and within a few seconds, he was off to the street looking for a bike to the office.

Tade, if you are a minute late here, I will have to replace you with my secretary. Chief Akinbode spoke harshly on the phone. I am sorry, sir, I am at the company's gate already. Tade replied. Okay. Good morning sir; I am sorry I...Enough of your talking, get into the car, we ought to be on our way to the airport already or else we will miss our flight. Chief Adebode cut off his P.A Tade. Okay, Sir. On their way to the airport, Tade was occupied with lots of thought, especially about his lifestyle for over a year now.

Tade, hope you have all the documents intact and have you confirmed our meeting with the CEO of the Swiss company? Chief Akinbode asked. Tade was already lost in thought. Tade!!! Are you deaf, sir!! Sir sir!! You were saying?? Tade answered frightfully. Chief repeated himself again. Yes, sir, I have done that. They said the meeting would be held in the company's conference room by tomorrow afternoon. Tade replied fast. Okay, no problem.*************Sir, this is the room allocated for you. If you need anything, please let me know. I will be in my room. Tade told his boss. Okay, Tade, no problem. You can go, please. Okay, Sir. Thank you.

In his room. Let me check if I have any WhatsApp messages. I trust iffy babe would have sent a message to me. Tade said, smiling. Messages started dropping at the notification space after he connected to the hotel Wi-Fi. Boy! You are bad, I swear! I am still having leg pains after yesterday's adventures. Dupe's message dropped. Hotty! I know you would be missing me by now... I can't wait to be in your arms again; I yarn for a more, bad boy! You know what I am talking about. Iffy sent. Since you deflower me, I have been craving more with you. Can we meet again maybe tomorrow? Joy dropped her message with a love emoji.

Give your life to Jesus before it is too late. The life you are living is not created by you; live it for the one who created you, not for your enemy Devil. Tade's attention caught the post while strolling through one of the groups he belonged to on WhatsApp. What is this? This brother won't stop preaching. I wonder if he even has time for enjoyment. Tade talked to himself, eyeing the message. My son, when will you come to me? I know that voice! Is it because of the message I just read? Jesus! You can't do this to me. I am still enjoying life. Tade replied to the inner voice. The only enjoyment is in me. A life of love, rest, and peace are all you need. Come to me, and I will give you.

I love those babes I roll with, and they give me this peace. Tade defended. There was silence. Wait for o!! Hahaha... He laughed. I was told Jesus does not roll with sinners; he doesn't stay in them, meaning He hates them; why are you talking with me then? My son, I don't hate sinners; I only hate sins. I am always around and available to any sinners who will open their heart doors for me to come in. I know my mom loves you so much and decided to dedicate me to you, but I don't like that life; it's boring. I can't behave like my other friends. Tade lamented. Smiles... Samuel... My life is not boring; rather sweet, victorious even in the midst of challenges and peaceful. Then, you can't behave like your other friends because your life has been dedicated to me by your mother, Irewunmi, and she keeps praying for your salvation. You have a great destiny ahead, but your enemy Devil place disaster in your hands in the form of enjoyment. 

You call me Samuel?? Lord!! I think I have gone deep; I can't come out again. You can, son. Lord!!! I love it, but you hate it. We are different, Lord... I love sins, but you hate sins. Tade replied, sobbing. When you come to me, I clean you up and make you a vessel unto honor. Lord!!!! I am tired of living a fornicating life; I am tired of watching pornography and lying carelessly. I am tired of everything, Lord!! Tade continued sobbing. Call your mother and tell her everything. Lord, will she accept me back? After two years, I left home just because I wanted to be a big boy like my friends. Will my mom help me out? There was silence. Tade scrolled through his contacts on WhatsApp and called his mom.

My son Samuel! God told me a few minutes ago that you would call me. Mrs. Irewunmi said. Mom!! I..i i i a a am am soorry... Tade managed to say. You don't have to be sorry, son; I can't wait to see you. I am very happy. Can we meet tomorrow? No, mom, I am not in Nigeria presently; I am on a business trip with my boss, his name is chief Joshua Akinbode. We should be back in four days' time. Okay, son, no problem, I will be home waiting for you anytime you come back. His mom replied passionately, and Tade missed the kind-hearted woman. Mom, I want to stop this sinful lifestyle... I want the life Christ promised me...the one you wanted me to live... Mom, I need Jesus!! I am tired of this lifestyle; it's's it is exhausting. I rarely sleep peacefully because if I am not sleeping with a girl either in my dream or physically, I will be watching porn movies. Mom, I am dying... I need Jesus. Tade broke down crying.

Son, just calm down... explain everything to me. Tade explained everything to his mom. It is an encounter, dear; yours is a rare case. Christ, Himself showed Himself to you; I know it's for a purpose. Let us pray. They pray for more than 30 minutes making Tade cry more because he practically saw his dirty self washed by Christ. Mom, thanks so much for everything. I feel peace so much peace in my heart. It's like a spirit departed from me. Yes, that's the spirit of sin; it's a different spirit for a different assignment. Different spirits for pornography, fornication, lying, etc., but all of them are sinful spirits working for our enemy Devil. Hmmmmmm... Tade voiced out. Son, you will have to space yourself from anything that can make you sin against God. Then, message all your fornication partners and tell them about your salvation experience. Wow... Thanks, Ma; I will do that now. Joyous Tade replied.

Goodnight son.Goodnight Mom. *************** Pastor, thanks for following up my growth. I can't appreciate you enough. Tade said to his mom's pastor. Bro Samuel, let us appreciate God. No one can have anything... Except it is given to him by God. Tade completed it. Both men laugh out loud. You are really learning and growing fast. It's one thing to learn; it's another thing to grow but thank God you are both learning and growing in the knowledge of the Father. Pastor Olawale said. Thanks, Sir. I can't overemphasize the power of the Holy Spirit. He is really trying for me. This can not be complete without your support, sir, coupled with my mom's prayers and teaching. Tade replied. Let's appreciate God. Let us pray.

A few weeks later, mom, I think I have grown to the extent that I can be on my own now, and I have been receiving directives concerning my marital life. Tade told his mom. Dear, you are growing impressively. I think you should call your former boss, chief Akinbode; who knows if you are the one that will introduce Christ to him? Thank God both of you didn't have any fight; you only took a few months off to rearrange your life. Mom, I am afraid of going back to that town because of those ladies. I don't want to go back to my vomit. Tade replied. Don't worry, son; no such thing will happen. You have Christ now, and you will be attending a Bible-believing church over there that will help you. Thank God you also said it now that you have received directions concerning your marriage, don't delay, get married and let her move in with you.

Mom, what can I do without you? I love you, Mom. Love you too, son.************** I take you Oreoluwa Juliet as my lawfully wedded wife in love... Tade took his vows in front of everyone. I take you, Omotade Samuel, as my lawfully wedded husband, to love... Oreoluwa exchanged vows with Tade in front of everyone. You are now husband and wife. Let the church shout hallelujah! Pastor Aina, Oreoluwa's pastor, announced. I love it, but God hates it. I love sin, but God hates it. Thank God for his Grace; I, Tade Samuel, have not only been living the life of Christ, but I have called others to Christ though so hard at first due to my past lifestyle, but the Holy Spirit was always showing up for me. My boss, Chief Akinbode, is one of those I introduced Christ to, and he is growing in Christ. I am no longer making Christ weep over me, but heaven is rejoicing continuously over my life. 

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