I Miss You So Much

Love of parents.🥰If only you were here, I wouldn't be feeling this way..if only you were here, things would have been different. If only you were here, there would have been smiles all over my face. But CHANGE has made it difficult. I miss the way you cuddle me; I miss your soothing words.

I miss your soft voice. I miss how you look into my eyes, reassuring me that I'll be fine. I miss the way you stroke my body with a wet towel, same time making some declaration over my head. I miss all of those moments. Those were one of my best with you.

Oh, change, why have thee separated me from my love? Of course, I know nothing can stop you from happening, but I wish you could bring back those moments again. I really wish you could. 😭 I know right now you would be smiling and saying, "oh, I wish I could, dear." But it's okay._________________ Right now, I know that some persons reading this piece would be wondering; Hope all is well with Rita? Did she lose anyone? Did she get heartbreak from someone she loves?

Enough of your thoughts 💭 my lovely people. It's none of what you guys are thinking. To answer you're curious questions, this piece is a result of how I feel now(my present state). I did not lose anyone, and neither did I get heartbreak 💔 from anyone. But I'm missing someone who's very close to my heart. Someone who could do anything just to see me smile. This person I'm talking about is no other BEING but my MOTHER. Oh yes! I'm talking about my mother. I can see the surprises on your faces. Think no more, my people.😁 Some others would also be wondering, "Is she dead?" I'll answer that as well. No," she's not." she's ALIVE, hale, and hearty. I have answered all your questions, right? Good.

Now, the reason I'm missing her this way (not like I don't miss her any other day) is that I'm not feeling too well today. I couldn't help thinking about those moments with her when I was a child. Whenever my siblings or I fall sick, she's always there for us. There's this special way she treats us eeeh; seriously, I wish I could explain it. She takes care of us more than how nurses do of their patients. she will pet us to eat and take our drugs, and even when we vomit the drugs out, she doesn't yell at us. With love, she would tell us, "don't do it again; force yourself and allow the drugs to work in your body, ọkwa make ọdimma gị oo."

No matter how bitter the drugs are, after hearing those words from her, we go force ourselves to swallow am(the second time) without vomiting them again. Right now, I'm far away from her& I'm feeling sick. There's no one to tell me those soothing words. No one to pet & asks me to take my drugs. I miss you mum& those moments with you._________

Many times, when I see people (children, youths, adults) talk to their parents, especially their mothers, in a very rude or disrespectful manner, simply because they're angry, it breaks my heart. Seriously speaking, those moments usually make me feel like spanking, flogging, or even punching them if possible. No matter how ANGERED we are, it shouldn't make us look our parents in the face and tell them, "Nwaanyị a, hapu m aka." or so what, dad, " what will you do to me?". Do we know how it makes them feel?

Now, imagine when eventually you get married in the future and bear your own children, then one of them happens to say such words to you; how would you feel? Heartbroken right? That is exactly how our parents feel when we talk back to them in a rude manner. Many of them would start weeping immediately. Some that can't even bear it will start reigning curses on those children/children. If only we knew what they pass through (especially mothers) to bring us into this world; if only we knew, we wouldn't dare talk to them anyhow. Now let me ask you, Do you think it's all mothers that gave birth at nine months? Some were delivered in the 10th month.

Do you think it's all mothers that delivered successfully without undergoing an operation? No, some went through what we call CEASERIAN SECTION. And do you think it's all of them that came out alive? No, most of them couldn't make it. They gave up the ghost after delivery. Should we talk about the word PUSH in the labor room? Do you think it's just the ordinary STRENGTH you exert in WORK(that's pushing or lifting a load)? No, it's not that kind of strength.

What about the difficult people they (parents) encounter every day in their pursuit to make ends meet for you & me? What about the insults they get just to sell one tuber of yam? What about the scorching sun and rainy days just to make sure they sell off all their goods, so you &I could eat?

Oh, you think they don't pass through anything simply because they don't tell you about their day whenever they return home? Let me tell you, my dear, they pass through a lot we know nothing about. yes, they do. Most times, they prefer not to tell us so it wouldn't bother us.

Being a parent isn't an easy TASK or JOURNEY, whichever you call it. Should I talk about the days they skip meals just for us to eat? If not them, who could do such? I just wish all of us could experience LIVING OUTSIDE HOME. I mean living with someone else who's not related to us in any way. Na, there we go, understand URU NNE Na NNA. At home, many of us would feel comfortable  telling our parents that we're tired when they send us on an errand (not that we're truly tired) but laziness. Try it with a person wey no be your parents...

Some, when their parents will call them...they will be like, " mummy hapum aka,ịke adịghọm." No, be say they do any work ooo. Try it also with a person wey no be your parents... I once lived with these couples back in my secondary school days (they weren't related to me in any way), and during my stay with them, I learned a lot. In fact, I don't think the good morals I exhibit now would have been possible if not for them. During my stay with them, I did every house chore. Even on the days, I don't feel like doing a thing, I must work because I know what 'failure to do those things means.

Sometimes I'd feel like sleeping all day, eating, watching movies, and visiting friends. But, make I try am nah. I need no soothsayer to tell me wetin go happen. Talking about Social Media, I no even get a phone then, though I later got one but na all this kpọkọrọ phone, wey no fit do anything. Just answering calls wey e good for. School comes to dismiss, Na run I dey carry go house ooo. No branching to a classmate's house, no delay at all. Even if I'm to come back late any day from school, I'll tell them before leaving in the morning.

Seriously back then, I'd think they hated me and were only maltreating me because I wasn't their biological child. Who wouldn't feel that? Especially when being restricted from doing things you love wey dey hungry you. I never knew it was for my own good back then. Till today, I'm grateful to God for the privilege to meet them in this journey of MINE on the planet EARTH. I wonder what life without them would have been like. Hey, I know some people might be thinking my parents didn't contribute to who I'm today. Abeg ooo, make una no think like that. They did a great job in raising me. They did their best.

Seriously I just wish EVERYONE would experience living outside the home. There's always a testimony at the end of it. 😁 Trust me, no matter how stubborn you are... you won't remain the same. Many of us dey get power to talk back at our parents and banter words with them, but when we come outside to face our mates, we won't even say ONE WORD. We go just cold like ICE BLOCK. Na only inside we dey get POWER.

Some may see it as normal or something common in every home, but it's very bad. We should stop it. That doesn't show wiseness but rather foolishness. If you wan show wiseness, big boy or girl...go meet your mate outside and prove to them how wise and big you think you are. No dey try am for where your POOR PARENTS dey. Dem no do bad thing born you. Am I asking you to go outside and fight? No, ooo, I didn't say so, but f you decide to, whatever you see... you go collect. Please, my beloved people, this piece is not for some particular individual; it's for all... including me. If you still portray any of those bad habits I mentioned, pray and ask God to help you DROP THEM.

Are your parents still ALIVE? Love and cherish them. Put smiles on their faces. Are both of them dead or just one of them, or is there anyone who plays the role of parents in your life? Cherish and love that person as well. Put smiles on his/her face. We may not realize the value of the people we call LOVED ONES, especially our parents, but someday, they'll cease to BREATHE. Oh yes, they'll. I can hear someone saying, " God forbid." I understand; I do not wish any of our parent's DEATH. But the truth must be told.

Whether you're pretending like they are not important to you or you can live without them, someday you won't see them again. Someday they'll exit from this earth. Then you'll realize the importance of FATHER and MOTHER. You will begin to weep for all the wrongs you did to them. You will weep for those days mum asked you to lend her money, but you refused to give her. Instead, you took the money and gave your girlfriend to purchase a wig. You'll weep for those days daddy sent you on an errand, but you refused, saying you are tired when you know you're not. Love your parents! Help them now they're alive! ELSE... when they are gone, you will regret not doing those things for them while they were ALIVE.

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