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I Saw It

My mom opened my eye to another dimension after I saw it in my dreams.

How else do I need to explain to my old mother that it was a dream? Mama! was a dream!. My son, I don't understand you o. You see, everything I just told you has not happened, but I know that sooner or later, it will happen. I told my mom with confidence. Ha ha!! Why are you like this, Olakanmi? Like how, mama? Telling me things that are not real! Hmmmmm... I am sorry, mama, but it will soon happen. Let me go and prepare what we will eat o. Because He lives...I can face tomorrow ooo...because He lives...all my fear is gone...because I know oh oh oh!! He owns my future..... I continued singing. Kanmi! was that just a dream, or did I see my future? I asked myself.

Sleeping early is part of my habit, and I did the same yesterday night only to see myself in wealth, and believe me, It was so real. I own a company where I employ people and also help others. I even saw some of my paternal family who had deserted my mom and me, they came to me for help, and I, of course, helped them. I became so happy waking up this morning and told my old mother everything I saw, but she seemed not to believe it. I know I am going to be great no matter what. I don't care what my mother thinks.

Kanmi! Come and take your food! Mom called me. Ohhhh... I am coming. Take...this is yours. She said. I don't feel like eating; I want to start preparing for the money on the way. Hahaha... Kanmi's mom laughed! Why laughing, mom? You see, son, it is very good to see. Seeing is good! But the most important thing is birthing what you saw into reality. You can only do that through prayers and hard work. What you have seen is good; thank God He has plans for you, but it's in your hands now if it will happen or not. How mom? Pray for God's guidance first. Okay? Then, work in the area God has called you into.

For example, you are so good in agriculture, and for a while now, you have been doing it though it's not been yielding well, but who knows! God might just smile on you this season. Do not be discouraged, son; tell people around you what you do, and move with the right company; go to places where you will learn more about your field and know what you are doing very well. God will surely make your dream come true very soon. Is that all, mom? No son! What again? When you eventually have the money, do not forget God and the purpose of showing you the money. How do you mean mom?

Remember you said you saw yourself helping people. Yes! I saw it in the dream. It should happen in reality when the money comes. You should call others to God through your wealth. How? What do you mean how? You might not be able to go for outreach as a busy businessman, but your money should go! You might be so tired to go for a morning cry, but your money should help such ministry! Your company might not be for the homeless, but your money shouldn't be far from such a ministry. Okay! I understand you now, mom. By God's Grace, I even plan to send at least five students to higher institutions every year and scholarships to secondary school students and others that God will be bringing my way later. That is very good, son! God will help you and drive pride away from you!

A big Amen! Thanks, mom...I feel so happy right now. You're welcome, dear son. A few years later, it happened as I saw it in the dream. Do not be discouraged; keep moving; God is with you! You are helped.

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