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I Saw It

Written by Nwachukwu Chimamanda...Down there I was cold; At my lowest; At my worst;

Down there I was cold
At my lowest
At my worst
At that point where my life could fold
At a point where I could burst

And I cried
I begged
I whimpered for someone to hear
In all, I did I tried
But I was constantly in fear

I would watch my back
I would guard my heart
I would freeze my smile
I would keep on track
Just to make it for another mile

And I prayed for a way out
A plan to end the misery
An escape from reality
A smile formed from the pout
A way out of hell city

I had lost all hope
I had given up
I was breathing my last
I couldn't hold on to the rope
I could explode with a blast

And then I saw it
It didn't come as fast
It came slowly
And I embraced it

I could breathe again
I could sing for days
Joy came without fright
I could face the pain
All because I saw the light

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