I Was Only Abused

Rape doesn't occur only between strangers. It can also happen between family members.

I also cried as I ought to have. Because it was expected of me as a daughter, but in my heart, I felt only rage and pure hatred for the person who had killed my father. Four months after, I am here reminiscing about all the nights of sexual ecstasy we spent together. I fantasized about us being together again. He would wrap his huge arms around me and caress me in ways that would leave my senses numb until I had no choice but to succumb to his lusty will. Then we'd get under the bed covers and lose ourselves in sexual bliss until the next morning.

I stood up and left my room. I walked around the house, trying to relive all those pleasurable moments from the dining room, to the kitchen, to my mum's room, and finally to the living room. I stopped by the side of the couch, the same one on which my father was found dead and d**k-capped. As I stared at it, the images of that day began to play before me...

It had rained earlier that morning. My mum had been in such a hurry that she didn't eat breakfast. She kissed my dad and me goodbye, then left for work. My dad had given me a sly look, and I knew exactly what he wanted. I immediately protested because I wasn't in the mood, but he didn't listen. He pulled me into his arms and dropped me on the couch. In an instant, he ripped my clothes off and went straight into the action. Then we heard the door creak; we looked with fear at the door and sighted my mum standing there with her phone and bag hanging limp on her quivering fingers.

My dad stood up, and so did I. I didn't want my mum to think that I was actually enjoying it, so I started to cry. I told my mum about everything that happened from the beginning right until that moment. I made it seem like I was the victim, and it worked. My mum dropped her belongings and charged toward my dad. She pushed him to the far end of the room and had his head hit the wall so hard that he fell to the ground unconscious.

I was still processing all this when my mum ran into the kitchen and returned with a butcher knife. She dragged my father to the middle of the room and tore his trousers open. Then she grabbed at his manhood and chopped it off even before I could say anything....."Sola, what are you doing" ... my mum's voice brought me back to the present. I looked up and smiled. "Nothing, mum," I replied sweetly, "I was just......

She walked up to me and hugged me. I hugged her back. " Don't worry, darling. Everything is going to be okay," she said. I smiled again. " Yes, mum, everything will be fine." "And I'm sorry. " For wh...." she gasped. We stayed like that for a while, not saying anything. Then she began to lose her grip. I let her go, and she fell to the ground with a thud. I saw the look of surprise on her face, and I smiled again. I bent down and withdrew the knife that I had buried in her back. Still smiling, I thrust it into her chest and twisted it like I always saw them do in movies. She breathed her last and fell silent.

I walked into the kitchen and dropped the knife. Then I picked up the breakfast my mum had prepared for me and started eating. Halfway through, I began to wonder. Wasn't I a victim? Did my father not abuse me? Was not all this my mother's fault to begin with?. I smiled again and thought all that wouldn't matter when the police came to arrest me. I checked my watch. It was 10:00 clock.

I finished eating and went into the living room to watch some TV. I kept changing the channel until I could finally feel the effect of the poison I had just eaten. And as I closed my eyes, ever ready to accept death, I thought, "At least now, we would be together in eternity......"

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